Panasonic Nubo: first security camera with 4G connectivity

Panasonic has introduced Nubo camera, first security camera in the world to use the 4G network to transmit data to the phone or the computer of the user.


Panasonic Nubo automatically monitor and analyze the action inside the frame to send short video to users in case it detects any suspicious action. Compared to traditional and WiFi security camera system the use of LTE will help us more secure, even when the power off Panasonic Nubo can still operate normally because it has the USB option so you can connect it with any other power sources. The use of LTE will also provide stable operation at the any corner where a weak WiFi signal.


One of the biggest advantages of Panasonic Nubo is that it supports dustproof and waterproof IP66, quite enough to use outdoors. Whenever Nubo discovered something strange or suspicious, it will send few seconds or one or two minutes long HD video to the user’s phone. User can also activate the microphone on Nubo to record chat. At home, you can use the smart home system called ZigBee, users can combine it on a part of Nubo, when the camera off the recording saved itself to the microSD memory card.


Panasonic Nubo also comes with an optional USB and an external battery so user can be carried everywhere, even when you travelling. Panasonic Nubo expected to be first sold in Europe.

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