NiSi Filter System for Fujifilm X100 Cameras now Available on B&H Store

NiSi introduced the UHD UV Filter system for the Fujifilm X100 camera series (X100, X100S, X100T, and X100V) back in March this year, which is now available to buy at B&H store.

NiSi filters

This new NiSi filters consist of a round UHD UV filter that is mounted directly on the lens, as well as Starter and Professional Kit includes NiSi P1 Prosories 0.9 Filter (3-Stop), Medium-Edge Graduated IRND 0.9 Filter (3-Stop), HD Linear Polarizer, Natural Night Filter, and NiSi P1 Prosories Case.

This UHD UV NiSi Filter is a multi-coated UV filter comes in two black and silver mounting ring that matches the color scheme of X100 series camera bodies. You can remove the existing front ring form the camera body, then attach the filter by rotating it clockwise until the bayonet mechanism locks into place.

The NiSi filter kit, on the other hand, contains four filters that can be used individually or in various combinations to improve the results of your photography when using a Fujifilm X100 series cameras.

Fujifilm X100

A neutral density filter can be used to create a darkening of the entire image. A medium-edge graduated neutral density filter, which prevents overexposure in specific areas of an image, such as bright skies while allowing for a normal, unaffected exposure in the other regions of the image. A polarizer to prevent distracting reflections or glare, and a filter to reduce the appearance of light pollution in images or video that include the night sky and illumination from artificial light sources.

Price and availability

NiSi UHD UV Filter for Fuji X100 series cameras have been priced at $39 and now is available to buy om the store in Black and Silver colors.

NiSi Filter Starter Kit for the Fuji X100 is also available to buy via the for $49 only.

Meanwhile, the NiSi Filter Professional Kit costs $65 and also available at the same online shop.

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