New range of Philips 2017 TVs Announced

Philips has unveiled the upcoming TV range for 2017 including high-end POS9002 OLED TV series and 7000 and 6000 LCD TV series. The first model is 55″ 55POS9002 under POS9002 OLED TV series, the second product from the company after 55POS901F. This new Philips 2017 TVs still based on Android TV, pre-installed Android 6.0 Marshmallow and operated by a quad-core processor. id563925

New Phillips OLED TVs for 2017 will also present the new picture processing engine called P5 Processing Engine, which has a higher capacity by 25% over the previous model, and equipped with new features. Compared to TV equipped with Pixel Precise Ultra HD Engine, Philips POS9002 is credited to an improvement of 50% as regards the quality of images. In particular, we are cited better management of sources, sharpness, contrast ratio and color reproduction. P5 is also responsible for the motion compensation.

The combination of the 9002’s 750Nit peak-light performance, wide colour gamut OLED panel and the new P5 picture processing engine will also result in the set being the second model to reach both UHD Premium certification and Philips’ exacting HDR (High Dynamic Range) Perfect standard – for both HDR10 and HLG (Hybrid-Log Gamma) content, designed for television broadcasts. The peak brightness in HDR reaches 750cd/m2 nits. Obviously HDR also implies compatibility with expanded color spaces: the new Philips OLED TV is capable of covering 99% of DCI-P3. id563928

Regarding the audio, the Philips OLED TV shows a system with “triple ring technology” and the DTS HD Premium Sound support. To complete it with the ‘3-sided Ambilight system’, right, left and top.

Coming to the Philips LED TV 7000 and 6000 series, let’s start with high-end 7000 series products, it consists of three models – 7502, 7272 and 7202. The 7502 model will be offered in 49″, 55″ and 65″ screen sizes. The panel is LED Edge Ultra HD fueled by the new P5 Processing Engine. The equipment includes the Ambilight technology, HDR Premium with brightness up to 400cd/m2 nits, the HDR10 and HLG support and all the functionality of the Android TV. id563941

The 7502 series designed with triple ring technology soundbar and 45W amplifier. The manufacturer declares that the sound is characterized by a wide stereo soundstage with deep bass, wide stereo separation and perfect clarity.

On a lower step are positioned the other two series: 7272 including 49″ and 55″ while the 7202 only offers the 43″. Compared to 7502 series, there is only difference is no longer availability of new P5 picture processing engine, will be replaced by the Philips Pixel Precise Ultra HD Engine with Perfect Natural Motion and Micro Dimming Pro technology. The panel is also LED Edge Ultra HD, support for HDR and HDR10. Other hand the audio section is changed: no place for a soundbar, but it comes with 20 watt sounds systems and DTS Premium Sound compatibility. id563946_1

The Philips 7000 series all models packs in 16GB of onboard memory and support for the HDR streaming from Netflix. The 7502 and 7272 are equipped with 3-sided Ambilight while 7202 comes with 2-sided Ambilight technology.

Coming to the Philips 6000 series is divided into four models: 6482, 6432, 6412 and 6402. All models uses LED Ultra HD resolution, except the 6402 model with Full HD. The 6482 comes in 49″ and 55″ with Pixel Plus Ultra HD Engine, Micro Dimming Pro and HDR support (HDR10 and HLG). The brightness are the same that we mentioned for the 7000 series, plus 14-bit colour processing, 25W amplifier and 3-sided Ambilight. id563947_1

The 6432 is offered in 49″ and 55″, while the 6412 is available in 43″, 49″, 55″ a and 65″. Comes with the similar specs, but brightness level should be below from 400nits; the 20W audio and 2-sided Ambilight.

The lower-end 6402 model in the Philips 2017 TVs line-up including 32″ Full HD resolution. All the Philips 6000 series are equipped with Android 6.0; the 6482 and 6412 series offer 16GB of on-board storage, while 6432 and 6402 will only 8GB. id563948

Prices and availability of the Philips 2017 TVs line-up have not yet been disclosed yet.


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