Apple launches New MacBook Pro 16 inch With Magic Keyboard, 6 Speakers, 8-core Chip, up to 8TB SSD and More

Apple officially launched the new MacBook Pro 16 inch version replacing the current 15.6-inch model. It comes with a brand new keyboard called “Magic Keyboard” so we’ll say goodbye to the annoying butterfly trademark keyboard. In addition, the new 16 inch MacBook Pro comes equipped with 6 speakers and a powerful 9th ​​Gen Intel chip, option up to 8 cores. SSD allows upgrading to 8 TB.

Magic Keyboard

About the new keyboard, it has a 1mm keystroke, typing will “less noise” and the overall design is not much different from the keyboard of the MacBook Pro has a butterfly mechanism. But Apple used one better name – “Magic Keyboard” based on the Scissor Mechanism like the MacBook Pro 2015 and earlier. Touch ID is now separated as a separate button (power button), it is not is also associated with the Touch Bar, and of course, as rumored, the ESC key has returned to the physical key, no longer touch on the Touch Bar.

Heat sink

Apple claims that with this body, they have also redesigned the internal heat sink with a 35% larger and the fan is 28% higher wind performance, bringing the maximum power to 12W to maintain the performance. Even the speakers have been redesigned to optimize heat dissipation as possible.


There are still 3 options for users: Intel Core I7 – 6 cores and Core I9 – 8 cores, default with 16 RAM GB (DDR4). It offers 3D rendering performance, 2.1 times higher video processing than the old 4-core chip. The RAM can be selected up to 64 GB, giving the user experience up to 4.3 times faster than 16 GB RAM.

In terms of graphics, the new Macbook Pro 16 inch model uses AMD Radeon Pro 5000M series cards, providing the best graphics performance in MacBook Pro history: 2.1 times faster than the old Radeon Pro Vega 20. Helping video processing Graphics from basic to complex and extremely complex. Performance work graphics will be higher than 80% if the user the option graphics 8GB GDDR6 VRAM (default 4GB), especially when using the software DaVinci Resolve on the MacBook Pro 16 will see a big difference.


The 16-inch screen is as expected (3072 x 1920), 500 nits of brightness, for brighter whites, deeper black but still based on LCD panels. It is equipped with a wider P3 color ring, helping users work with the best viewing experience no matter what environment you’re in. Apple calls it a “True-to-Life” color.

The inside of the screen is fitted with an oxide film, which carries the pixels more than 10 times compared to TFT silicon old, image display brighter, and more color. And the pixels when displayed will form AC voltage with the computer saves more energy.

500 nits of brightness? It is the actual number because Apple has added a piece of reflective lining, which reflected 98% light comes on.


With 6 internal speakers, the new MacBook Pro 16 inch gives you a better stereo experience. Including 2 subwoofers to handle the noise in the environment, especially the wind (Force Cancelling), The sound coming out of the MacBook will now be clear and natural. Inside, there are three third-party studio mics to help improve the recording, podcasts, and music production.


SSD has always been an important and bright point of the old MacBook Pro so far, the default SSD (PCIe-based) of MacBook Pro 16 is 512 GB, no longer 256 GB. Option up to 8 TB SSD to store photos and videos, SSD has read speed up to 3.2GB / s.


The battery capacity is now higher with 100 Wh (Lithium-ion Battery), which is enough to help the screen maintain the best display and up to 11 hours of web surfing, video playback time. Apple will change the 87W charger to 96W.


Using the new T2 security chip, this chip consolidates all separate controller processors such as system processor, audio processor, SSD processor into one. It adds even more security than the T1, which includes Touch ID, memory data encryption, etc.


Still equipped with 4 high-band 3-band Thunderbolt USB ports, the transfer speed is up to 40Gb / s is 2 times higher than Thunderbolt 2. Of course, you can connect to an external monitor with 6K resolution, and pull both screens. Don’t worry, it still has a 3.5mm headphone jack.

Price and Availability

With prices starting at $2,399 – new MacBook Pro 16 inch is available now to pre-order via and stores.

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