Nespresso Espresso Makers: Best to Buy

Many of us happen to become attached to a brand, and Nespresso coffee is one of the most appreciated in our country, which is the home of espresso coffee! Its main specialization is the production of nespresso coffee machines, with more than 6 different lines ranging from espresso to decaffeinated and ranging over aromas and flavors of all kinds. So if you love these capsules, what you’re looking for is a Nespresso espresso makers!

The company, despite producing exclusive coffee in capsules, has entered into agreements with the most famous manufacturers of espresso machines (such as De’Longhi or Nescafé by Krups) and have created models exclusively marked “Nespresso” and obviously compatible with Nespresso capsules. In the following paragraph, we will help you to understand how to choose the espresso maker machine that’s right for you and then we’ll list the best-selling coffee machines. Finally, we will guide you in choosing the best Nespresso Espresso Makers to buy.

Which coffee machine to buy

Nespresso was born in the 70s thanks to the multinational Nestlé and was born with the intention of creating the best coffee capsules on the market, with the intention of using coffee subjected to a long period of maturation. Since then the experiments have continued for over thirty years, until the early 2000s, when Nespresso seemed to have created a real magic formula with its coffee!

Now Nespresso is a very established brand, so much so that it has opened several single-brand stores in which only Nespresso capsules, Nespresso cafe machines, and accessories are sold. In short, a real small club – called “Club Nespresso” – made by lovers of these particular aromatic capsules.

If you have chosen to buy Nespresso espresso makers, then as mentioned above, you will have before you a vast catalog of products that have been created by different brands and therefore are profoundly different both in style and technical characteristics. However, there are some important features that define the goodness of a coffee machine and that will help you in your choice:

  • Pressure: the pressure pump pushes the hot water inside the capsule, and the greater the pressure exerted by it, the greater the creaminess and aroma of the coffee. A “standard” pressure for the Nespresso coffee maker is 15 bar, but obviously higher pressures mean greater aroma and body.
  • Thermoblock: it is a special technology – now practically a standard – which saves water and energy, with which the nespresso espresso makers heats only the amount of water needed for the coffee that is being prepared. This above all makes it possible to speed up the heating process which is usually under 60 seconds.
  • Tank: how many coffees do you generally drink? The capacity of the water and coffee tank is a fairly important element on which to focus if you do not want to fill it too often. The kinda Nescafé Nespresso coffee machine guarantees an average of at least 0.6L of capacity, but obviously, you could prefer a model with a larger tank.
  • Steam: in some models, there is a hot air valve that can froth the milk to make cappuccino. However, not all espresso machines have this tool and if you believe it is essential, below we will indicate for each model whether the cappuccinatore is present or not..

Nespresso Espresso Makers: Our selection

Below we will list the ones that we believe are the best Nespresso Espresso Makers, which we have selected for you based on the quality/price ratio and the features offered.

Nespresso Inissia

[amazon box=”B01N5S8PV6″ /]

Among the most economical Nespresso coffee machines is the Inissia model, an espresso maker produced by the famous Krups and compatible with Nespresso capsules. Many colors available and a 1260W powers a pump with a pressure of 19 bar. All this will allow you to prepare coffee in just 25 seconds thanks to the Thermoblock rapid heating system.

In the back, there is a tank that can hold up to 0.7L of water and in the upper part, you will find two buttons with One Touch technology that allow you to prepare short or long coffees and stop dispensing when you want to customize even more your own coffee. In the economic segment, it is absolutely the Nespresso coffee machine with the best quality and price ratio, but there is no cappuccinatore!

Nespresso Essenza Mini

[amazon box=”B073ZGWN12″ /]

Famous and inexpensive Nespresso espresso makers are the Essenza Mini-series produced by De’Longhi. The hundreds of positive feedbacks from users are already saying everything because this is one of the best value for money product! Its operation, as for the previous one, is in capsules and the 1370W power is coupled with a higher pressure of 19 bar. This allows improving the body and aroma of the coffee, which will be practically comparable to that of the bar.

Obviously the compatible capsules are also on Amazon if you want to save on their purchase, but in any case, we recommend this model because it is very easy to use and has two automatic programs for express or long coffee at the touch of a button. The tank capacity is 0.6L and on Amazon, you can find many different colors.

Nespresso Pixie

[amazon box=”B01NAW5CYK” /]

The Pixie series by Nespresso is colorful and full of features, offering a semiautomatic high-quality capsule coffee machine. We propose this model – although it has features very similar to the previous model – because despite being less recent, it gives you a wide choice of colors or the possibility of buying the version with Aeroccino, which froths milk to make cappuccino.

For the rest, we have a 1260W power combined with a pump that can push up to 19 bars and a 0.7L tank. In addition, you will find 16 different capsules taste to try. These Nespresso espresso makers are produced by De’Longhi and can be ready in 25 seconds, after which you can choose, with a simple click, whether to make an espresso or a long one.

Nespresso CitiZ

[amazon box=”B01N259LCH” /]

This model of Nespresso coffee machine is produced by De’Longhi and Krups and is one of the most appreciated regarding design and aromatic yield (take a look at the feedback of those who have already bought it). The range of practical, intuitive Nespresso Citiz machines keeps its iconic lines and fine finish unaltered, with advanced features that improve their use.

The two upper buttons allow you to decide the amount of coffee you prefer: Espresso and Lungo (which can be customized by interrupting the delivery when you prefer). The machine heats up in just 25 seconds thanks to Thermoblock technology and turns off after 9 minutes of inactivity to save energy.

The tank is larger – 1L of water – and is extremely quiet (12dB) despite the 1260W that feeds the pump at 19 bar pressure. In addition, as you can see, the Citiz & Milk version is also available, which includes a Nespresso cappuccino maker that can create foams and milk creams for your morning recipes.

Nespresso Lattissima One

[amazon box=”B079W6RV3Z” /]

Often the Nespresso espresso makers equipped with Aeroccino go up too quickly in price. If however, you can’t just give up a good cappuccino, then the best choice to make is the Lattissima – a De’Longhi coffee machine designed just for cappuccino lovers and with Nespresso capsules, almost completely automated and easy to use.

The machine is the presence of milk-based recipes and more precisely the touch interface with 6 keys allows you to select: 2 of coffee and 4 recipes with milk, including Creamy milk. This is coupled with a 1400W power and a high-pressure pump (up to 19 bar) with which to prepare all the recipes in a very short time. The water tank is 0.9L while the milk jug is 0.35L, with the adjustment knob above it.

Nespresso Prodigio

[amazon box=”B01C456DEU” /]

Prodigio is the first Nespresso coffee machine connected to your smartphone, which allows you to prepare coffee from your smartphone with a simple click! With the Nespresso application, connected via Bluetooth, you can prepare coffee in three ways: Ristretto, Espresso, and Lungo, which of course is also available by pressing the appropriate button on the nespresso espresso makers.

You can also schedule the delivery at the time you prefer, and receive a notification when maintenance is required. From the app, you will always know the number of remaining Nespresso capsules, which are automatically ejected once used. In pack on Amazon, you will find 16 free capsules, and of course, from the application, you will be able to order other stocks.

Nothing to complain under the technical sector, similar to that seen with the previous models: the high-pressure pump (up to 19 bar) combined with the Thermoblock system ensures that the machine is ready in just 25 seconds and is able to extract the maximum of the aroma from each capsule. The rear tank can accommodate up to 0.8L and incorporates a convenient water filter to eliminate any impurities.

These Nespresso espresso makers are also present in the “Milk” version and more precisely “Prodigio & Milk” with which you will also receive the Nespresso cappuccinatore (Aeroccino) to create foams and milk creams. In short, it is certainly one of the best models to buy!

Nespresso Expert

[amazon box=”B0771XWMP9″ /]

Returning to semiautomatic coffee machines again, we could not fail to mention De’Longhi Expert, a fully customizable Nespresso capsule machine thanks to its configurations via the App: thanks to the Nespresso app (or directly from the machine) you can easily create your own recipes customizing temperature, volume, and sequence, managing the capsule stock and displaying machine alerts.

With the Americano, this machine is set to let 125 ml of water come out first and after 25 ml for coffee, with the possibility of reversing the sequence to have a typical American coffee. To be precise, you can choose from 4 coffee recipes (restricted, express, long, Americano) and 3 temperature levels, all thanks to 1.1L of the tank and its 1600W power.

Nespresso Creatista Plus

[amazon box=”B00E0Q5XUC” /]

Among the top of the range, there is a Nespresso espresso makers that has very little to do with the models previously seen: it’s called Creatista Plus and is a professional espresso makers designed specifically for home use! Creatista Plus allows you to easily create your favorite coffee and milk-based recipes at home, with an elegant design and a premium glossy finish.

The selector in the upper part commands a color display that allows you to select up to 8 different coffee and milk recipes. The machine will take care of the rest, which as you can see is also equipped with a fully automatic professional steam lance, with which you can create milk foams at the temperature you prefer.

Under the elegant design, however, there is a completely renewed technical department! Suffice it to say that the Nespresso Creatista Plus is capable of heating up in just 3 seconds and, thanks to the 19 bar pressure pump, it can prepare coffee and milk cream in a short time with maximum aroma, selecting up to 11 temperature levels. Even maintenance is assisted and the package includes a bartender stainless steel milk jug with spout specially designed for Latte Art.

Best-selling Nespresso Espresso Makers

At the end of our best Nespresso Espresso Makers guide, let’s take a quick look at the best-selling machines on Amazon! Specifically, below you can see a list of the 10 most currently sold on Amazon; be careful though, the fact that they are the most sold does not mean that they are the best to buy!

For each of them, some information is given, such as the price, the status (to understand if it is currently on offer) and the type of shipment. The devices marked with the “Prime” logo benefit from the Amazon Prime treatment with which you can receive your delivery free and fast shipping! Here’s the list:

[amazon bestseller=”Nespresso coffee machine” items=”10″]

So these were the best sellers on Amazon! Before buying anyway, check the item description to be sure of what you are buying, read the customer feedbacks, reviews that bought them before you and check the seller’s reliability.

If you are undecided about which Nespresso coffee maker model to choose that best suits your needs, then you can also take a look at our Seaco coffee machines we have selected for you!

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