Moog Subharmonicon Semi-Modular Polyrhythmic Analog Synthesizer Announced

Moog audio has introduced the new Semi-Modular Polyrhythmic Analog Synthesizer named Moog Subharmonicon. This new Synthesizer is designed upon the success of the Mother 32 and DFAM semi-modular synthesizers, and Eurorack-compatible too.

Moog Subharmonicon Semi-Modular Polyrhythmic Analog Synthesizer

The name of the synthesizer already stands for a certain idiosyncrasy, and describes a concept that Moog describes as an ‘analog labyrinth of subharmonic synthesis and polyrhythmic patterns’. The subharmonic is a mixture of trautonium and rhythmicon that uses the mathematical composition system of Joseph Schillinger which, according to Moog should result in complex sounds and patterns.

Technically, the tone generator offers two analog VCOs, which are coupled to four subharmonic oscillators, which essentially corresponds to the concept of the trautonium, whose sounds are also based on subharmonic frequencies. In the subharmonic, the frequencies of the subharmonic oscillators are calculated mathematically from the frequencies of the two main VCOs, which is supported by an integrated quantization function. The area of ​​the Rhythmicon (developed by Leon Theremin) takes over two sequencers with four steps each and four rhythm generators.

The Moog Subharmonicon is certainly not a simple synthesizer, but a really exciting concept that presents itself to those who like to experiment like a playground. This analog synthesizer designed for the exploration of sequences that unfold and evolve over time, spiraling through 6-tone subharmonic chords and organic polyrhythms, making it well suited for producers and musicians working in the studio or performing onstage.

The semi-modular design requires no patching to generate sound; however, the unit is equipped with a 32-point patchbay, which lends itself to tactile exploration and experimentation. There is a 3.5mm MIDI input that works with the included adapter to provide synchronization to MIDI signals. The Subharmonicon is fully compatible with Eurorack systems (60 HP) and ships with a power supply.

Price and availability

Moog Subharmonicon Semi-Modular Polyrhythmic Analog Synthesizer has been priced at $699 and is now available to buy via the online shop.

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