Mighty Vibe Review: Compact Spotify and Amazon Prime Music Player

The Mighty Vibe is a Spotify and Amazon Prime Music Player that is compact and lightweight in design, and its button layout will remind you of the iPod shuffle but has the modern convenience of playing with both a wired headset and a Bluetooth headset.

Mighty Vibe Review

Mighty Vibe will let you copy music playlists on your Spotify Premium or Amazon Music account to your device for offline listening. It can accommodate more than 1,000 songs, and battery life is about 5 hours. It is a suitable product for active gymers who like to work outdoors because it is water, sweat, and drop resistant, and the body made of rigid plastic, so we think it will be durable.

The back of the product has a clip to clamp to shirt or, pants. The front of the player has 5 buttons, the middle is the play/pause button, two buttons to increase or decrease the volume and the remaining two to control the song.

Amazon Prime Music Player

Mighty Vibe has a separate Music Player app called Mighty Audio on AppStore or Google Play Store, you can install it for free and connect your phone to the Vibe and conduct sync music. The process of Sync via WiFi may take some time, as we sync 3 playlists, remember to plug in the power and then sync is fine.

The way to select a playlist is also quite simple, press “+” and “sync now” for the playlist you like and take a shower, go to cook, or do something else while it syncs.

In terms of connectivity, the Vibe Amazon prime music player allows us to connect with Bluetooth headsets, True-Wireless also works with Bluetooth speakers. The remaining 3.5 mm jack will be for wired headphones, computer speakers, car speakers.

Just press the play button and enjoy music while sitting comfortably, use the earphones if you are distracted, no longer have to drag someone’s phone to listen to music, or slide it repeatedly on the phone screen to change the song.

The sound quality is also normal, bright, medium bass when listening through 3.5mm, nothing too special in terms of praise or new, and we have nothing to blame, when using Spotify the default sound quality will not be as excellent. The sound quality upon listening to Beyerdynamic Beat Byrd found that the sound was not opaque, not much bass and cramped, but the mid-tone sound was quite dry and no thickness.

If you want more clear sound quality, you can try the Sony XB55, in which you will get more bass and low mid, which will compensate for the Mighty Vibe. It will give you good sound quality, easy listening sounds, suitable for many types of music, especially for Pop music.

bluetooth Music Player

If used with Bluetooth, the sound quality will largely depend on the Bluetooth headset or Bluetooth speaker. The Mighty Vibe is very stable with RHA MA650 wireless headphones, the features of the MA650 Wireless are warm and clear, middle and treble were sharp when connected to Mighty Vibe. If compared to the iPhone, we found that our ears can’t make much difference in sound quality, so let’s say 8/10 compared to the iPhone.

When trying with true wireless like Jabra Elite 75t or RHA TrueConnect, they connect very well, turning up the volume too loud will hear soft, we think this might be part of the music quality on Spotify is not really good, so it has a high noise floor.

Connecting the Jabra Elite 75T, we listened to many songs like “More Than I Can Say – Leo Sayer”, “What Do You Mean? – Justin Bieber” and “Way Back Home – SHAUN”, The sound quality was very good and the bass range had excessive force, and tense, it sounded a bit strange, we don’t know why it sounds even better than the MA650 Wireless. We currently have yet to connect high prices in-ears such as Momentum True Wireless 2 (Review) or B&O Beosound Balance (Review).

Final line

That’s what we want to share, Mighty Vibe Spotify and Amazon Prime Music Player is a product that brings your own music everywhere you go and can take it to many more places instead of the gym, such as a cafe or the library. You can easily attach it to any supported device. You could use this Bluetooth music player in your car, or as an alternative, if your phone has limited storage or poor battery life.

There is no real advantage to using this song player, and you would be better off using your smartphone in many situations. However, its small size and the good battery life might just make it worthwhile if you do choose to buy it since using a standalone device frees up your smartphone for other purposes. The low price of the device makes it worthwhile as a backup, priced at $79.99 on Amazon.com and the various color options will work for everyone.

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