Mackie Thump GO: Battery-powered Bluetooth Speaker for on the Go

Along with the EleMent Wave wireless microphones, Mackie has also introduced the new battery-powered “Thump GO” highest sound quality Bluetooth loudspeaker. A new portable speaker based on the Mackie Thump series has Bluetooth and is 8 kg light enough to bring it to the next party. And you should also be able to use the loud speaker as a stage monitor.

Mackie Thump GO highest sound quality Bluetooth loudspeaker

The Bluetooth loudspeaker has a replaceable battery with an operating time of up to 12 hours. A three-color LED provides information about the battery status.

Thump GO works with a Class-D power amplifier, an 8-inch woofer from its own development, and a 1-inch compression driver. Four different Voicing Mod i, feedback suppression, a ducking option, and an outdoor mode are designed to provide optimized sound in various environments.

With a weight of 8 kg, the highest sound quality Bluetooth speaker is easily suitable for transport. A robust loud Mackie housing and rubber feet also allow the use as a floor monitor, to thereby improve the emission, the speaker may be in an m 45 ° tilt. And of course, it can also be mounted on a tripod or a spacer rod.

Thanks to the integrated Bluetooth interface, you can operate the speaker without any cables if necessary. The Thump Connect 2 app controls the loudspeaker remotely and you can use it to regulate the most important settings, from volume to EQ and voicing settings to calling up various presets.

Of course, there are also two analog inputs, both of which have combo sockets for XLR and jack. On the first channel, you switch between line and microphone signals. Channel 2 also offers an alternative input for a 3.5 mm stereo jack. And Mackie has also thought of an XLR thru.

Overall, the Thump GO looks pretty chic with the green and black design.

Mackie Thump GO price and availability

New Mackie’s highest sound quality Bluetooth speaker is already up for pre-order via the and websites for $399.99 and shipping starts from October 2021.

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