Lumia Concept Smartphone with Unique Camera Design

For those who love the Lumia series smartphone devices running Windows Phone operating system, a device such as this will be the smartphone that you can not refuse.

Lumia Concept Smartphone

But the phone of the future is an infinite source of inspiration for designers. This is also the reason that Jonas Daehnert launched a smartphone device called Spinner Phone. Spinner Phone is designed with the same style as the Lumia line of Microsoft devices, the Lumia Concept smartphone also runs the Windows Phone operating system in the background.

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Lumia Concept Smartphone

Besides the outer case coated metal design with square masculine Spinner Phone owns a camera with a unique design, best style ever.

Other swivel design as recent smartphones, camera rotation of Spinner Phone images which is completely different from other devices. The camera of this Lumia Concept smartphone will be located on the corner and is capable of rotating from back to front.

Lumia Concept Smartphone

The most prominent feature is the detail of Spinner camera can go from front to back.

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This Spinner Phone is designed in the style of the Lumia devices from Microsoft. This Nokia Lumia Concept Phones possesses a monolithic body design with aluminum frame. This Spinner Phone has very impressive design, many people will be interested in it.


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