LuMee Duo is new iPhone case with Front and Back LEDs

LuMee Duo cases for iPhone devices are integrated LED strip on front and the back. As per the company, LuMee Duo iPhone case has a revolutionary design for iPhone photographers and it is now available for purchase via Amazon and Apple stores around the world. lumee duo iphone 7 plus

The LuMee Duo is a first of its kind smartphone case with integrated front and back LEDs, providing professional quality lighting for all photos and videos taken on an iPhone. You can use it as a lighting solution when shooting in a low-light environment, and LuMee Duo offers brighter and softer illumination than the phone’s built-in LED flash.

The LuMee Duo iPhone case offers a sleek design with a tough outer shell and rubber edges for increased phone protection. Its adjustable dimmer allows photographers to customize their light preference for each photo and its soft illumination eliminates red-eye often caused by flash and harsh lighting.

Inside the case a built-in battery to power the lights, it can run for about 2 hours or up to 36 hours at the minimum brightness. LuMee Duo is compatible with iPhone 7, 7 Plus, 6s, and 6s Plus; it is available in Black Matte, Gold Matte and Rose Matte color options. iphone 7 lumee case

LuMee Duo price starting from $40 to $70 depending on your iPhone model, and will be available in 15 additional countries, including Australia, China, Germany, Japan and the UK.

Commenting on the launch, Allan Shoemake, Creative Director and inventor of the original LuMee case, said: “We’re so excited for the LuMee Duo to allow consumers in these markets to create photography that illuminates the culture, aesthetics and creativity that are unique to their perspective,” and also add, “This is a must-have case for anyone who enjoys taking beautiful photographs. With the LuMee Duo, there are no limits to the amazing images you can take in virtually any situation.”

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