LuDela Smart Candle with Real-Flame, controlled via phone Unveiled

Ludela, US-based company has unveiled the world’s first “Smart Candle” with real-flame and also the first to feature a real time flame that can be lit, extinguished and controlled via a smartphone. The Ludela Candle eliminates the need for matches or other fire starters. It also not melts like other candles. LuDela Smart Candle

Users will be able to change its color and flame lighting will also be increased and decrease according to the mood. The company uses latest Wi-fire technology to make it which is safest, and comes with an innovative burning design utilizes 100 percent of the natural candle wax with no buried wicks and an “Everbrite Flame” that guarantees the candle will always shine bright.

To use it, just download the Ludela smartphone app and you have the power to control multiple candles with the touch of a button. This app also features a child lock function that means you can prevent your children use it. Unlike regular candles, LuDela burns 100 percent of the wax refills. As a result, consumers benefit from savings of up to 45 percent compared to other natural candles.

Commenting on the launch, Jamie Bianchini, co-founder & CEO, LuDela, said: “There’s nothing quite like the glow, smell, and ambience of candles, but with it comes the fire risk, wax mess, hassles with wicks, and the time it takes to light and extinguish multiple candles,” also add “LuDela addresses these issues with a smart candle that delivers the convenience and increased safety benefits of LED candles, but with the magic and fascination of a real flame. Combined with our social mission, LuDela delivers better light and better lives around the world.” Smart Candle

The LuDela smart candle is available for pre-order on its official website at $99 with delivery expected in early 2017.

LuDela Smart Candle Features:

• Instant Ambiance
• Candle Remaining Meter
• Tap to Extinguish
• Scene Modes
• Multi-Zone Lighting
• Long-Life Rechargeable Batteries
• Timer
• App Controls Multiple Candles
• Proximity Extinguish
• Reverse Burn Design
• Extinguish on Tip Over
• Safe Wax Pool Design
• Smart Scan
• Smartphone Safety Alerts
• Child-Lock App
• Low Battery Detection

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