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LG TONE Free FN6 Review: Comfortable, Self-sterilizing, and Fast Pair

LG has recently introduced its Tone Free FN6 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds and is trying to carve out a niche in a market that is now becoming very competitive, especially in the price range between $100 and $150. However, there are some aces-stores in the Korean home to play that may convince many users to choose these LG Earbuds over others. First, there is a technique to sterilize and clean using UV light, but during the LG TONE Free FN6 review, we found that the new Google fast pair system also exists.


LG TONE Free FN6 review

Most innovations and exclusivity engage in the case. You may have come to know from the title of the article that mentions UV light as a tool to disinfect LG Tone Earbuds. According to LG, this light can eliminate 99.9% of the bacteria on LG headphones. However, this function is activated by charging the earbuds headphones for more than 10 minutes using only the cable.

We do not think LG would have thought of making this product only after the pandemic had spread from Covid-19, but it is likely that this project was in the pipeline for some time as many studies have revealed that earphones have existing bacteria can cause infection in our ear.

Therefore, we find it positive that Seoul House has decided to explore this segment: it certainly will not be an act that will sell more Tone Free Earbuds, but it should also be appreciated that the company is very concerned about the health of its users. UV light only exists in the charging case of the FN6, but we will see the main difference with the FN4 version later.

Apart from this feature, the case is one of the smallest and most comfortable ones we’ve tested. The small size allows you to carry it in your pocket without being too heavy. It is available in two colors: white and black. In our opinion, black is more pleasant than white, not only for a purely aesthetic factor but also because white is shiny and smooth to the touch while black is opaque and feels almost velvety. For the indifferent, these finishes are similar to those in the old Google Nexus 5, whose hardware was manufactured by LG.

Personally, we think LG Tone Free FN6 is very lightweight, in-ear type and, when placed in the ears they feel very comfortable. The package includes charging cables and rubber tips of various sizes so that they can better adapt to our ears. There are normal shrines to bring microphones closer to the mouth and these make them suitable for calling (anyone we called heard them without any problems or interference).

The case opens like a clamshell and the LG wireless earbuds remain firmly in place thanks to the use of magnets. This is recharged via the USB Type C port or you can take advantage of the wireless charger on the FN6. The earbuds have about 6 hours of battery (varies according to the playback volume used) while the case allows you to recharge them twice. So you would potentially have 18 hours of total battery life.


LG TONE Free FN6 review

In daily use, Tone Free FN6 works very well: zero connection problems or difficulties in data transmission. The thing that delighted us the most is the fast pairing system that allows you to connect with all Android devices without difficulty in a few moments, just like the Pixel Buds.

The fast pairing with a smartphone is done by opening the case next to the phone – you will see a notification requesting pairing with earbuds. With one tap, the Tone Free FN6 will be connected, and shortly thereafter we will receive another notification asking if we want to download the application to manage the features.

In short, a really simple operation, within reach of everyone and we feel sorry for the old ways, requiring long presses of a button and endless waiting in Bluetooth settings. Here are a few seconds, we will have everything connected and we hope this solution will be adopted by other brands as the difference is obvious compared to the old methods.

The other important point is that synchronization is connected because this type of connection allows headphones to be associated with our Google email and therefore makes them immediately available on other Android devices on which you have set up the same account. In fact, while taking another smartphone pre-configured with our Gmail, we received a notification alert to the possibility of connecting to headphones, though they never communicated with another smartphone.

LG Tone Free FN6 works exactly as we saw with the AirPods ecosystem. They simply connect and are immediately available on other devices. We hope that in the future there will be a close collaboration between Google and Microsoft to make this protocol available on Windows laptops as well, thus creating a better system of products that interact with each other.


LG TONE Free FN6 review

When it comes to audio devices, however, the most important thing is their functioning and above all the quality of sound reproduction. To talk to you about this, we must first know that the new TONE Free FN6 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds was born in collaboration with LG and Meridian, a well-known company operating in England that has been offering high-quality products for audiophiles for years.

This relationship also extends to the application where we find 4 profiles created by the brand: Immersive, Bass Boost, Natural, and Treble Boost. The new LG TONE Free FN6 combined with the bass boost profile very well, it is not over the top and the sounds are clear across the spectrum. If you want more control, the app allows you to create your profile according to tastes and preferences. We liked the fact that the custom profile is not unique, you can save two different versions. It is easy if you want to listen to a style of music with the exact equation.

LG TONE Free FN6 review

Also, through the application, we can adjust the “Ambient Sound” effect. Being in-ear earbuds, most external sounds are physically blocked by rubber buds (no active noise cancellation). However, it can cause a bubble effect and we can feel highly isolated from the surrounding environment. To avoid this sensation or to remain ambiguous in the world around us, ambient sound interferes, which captures external sounds and reproduces them in our ears. The effect is not as perfect as it is with AirPods Pro (Review), but we appreciated the absence of lag between the input source and the output generated in our ear.

We also liked that there is no difference in volume when using TONE Free FN6 on a smartphone or computer. We often have problems using Bluetooth headsets on PCs where the audio was very low and difficult to use.


LG TONE Free FN6 review

The only real flaw we found in Tone Free FN6 is in touch controls, which are very difficult to use, not because they are complicated to learn, but because often the command is not received. The controls were practically unusable during the first few days of testing, but they improved after an update, but still required some refinement.

To ensure that touch is acquired, you need to press in the exact point of the earbud between the flat surface and the shiny one. With one tap you pause a song and/or continue playing; this function is always reliable and touchpoint is not a problem. After a few days, we got used to it.

The problem comes with a double-tap which in theory should allow you to increase the volume on the right earbuds and lower it to the left. However, the command works correctly with a frequency of 6/7 times out of 10 and is really difficult to use on a daily basis. Headphone control is often used when we are busy doing other tasks and we cannot afford a smartphone, but to make LG TONE Free FN6 really functional requires extreme attention.

With a triple tap, you move forward or backward in the playlist, while press and hold lets you disable or turn on the ambient sound. We hope that this small but important problem will be resolved with future updates as it is one of the things that makes the experience unpleasant in everyday use and negatively affects the final decision about the product.

Final line

LG has hit the mark with the new TONE Free FN6 as it has proposed a product different from the competition and manages to bring new and useful functions to an incredibly saturated market. Touch controls have to be improved, but UV light and the new fast pair system make them a very good product.

The asking price varies according to the chosen retailers. As we have estimated, the LG TONE Free FN6 Bluetooth Wireless Earbuds on can be found at a price of $124.99 (depending on the day offered). While the and have listed it for $149.99.

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