LG SmartThinQ Sensor to turn your house into Smart Home Unveiled ahead of IFA 2015

LG Electronics has launched a very innovative product called SmartThinQ Sensor ahead of IFA 2015.LG-SmartThinQ-Sensor

The LG SmartThinQ Sensor has ability to turn your ordinary house into a Smart Home. This Sensor device can be attached to the regular household electronic appliances, then it will record the vibration or temperature and many other things and also able to transfer the all collected data to your smartphone via its own application. For example, if you are attaching the LG ThinQ Sensor to the washing machine, sensors can alert you when the laundry or dryer cycle is finished, and if attaching it to a refrigerator, the sensor can help you when a food item is about to expire. You can also attach SmartThinQ to Air conditioner and many other items and use the mobile app to control over them.

At the moment It is unclear what connection SmartThinQ uses, but more likely it will use Wi-Fi connectivity to access at home. LG promises that the SmartThinQ will demonstrate at the IFA 2015 exhibition. After we will able to give you more information about its functionality as well as details about the smart sensor. On this occasion LG also unveiled the Smart Lightwave Oven which allows users to download, update and share their recipes with friends; or Smart Air Conditioner and LG Smart ThinQ Refrigerator. Both the devices connect to Wi-Fi to be able to do the above functions, and of course you can also use your smartphone to set the cooking mode, temperature, cooking time is similar to the previous LG Smart Appliances.

Meanwhile, Smart Air Conditioner will tell you when you need to replace the air filter as well as remote support. Both products are compatible with AllJoyn, open-source software framework that makes it easy for devices and apps to discover and communicate with each other. AllJoyn is endorsed by all members of the Allseen Alliance, a cross-industry IoT consortium of more than 180 companies.


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