Lenovo launches World’s first Foldable PC as part of ThinkPad Series

Lenovo is developing a Foldable PC with a 13-inch 2K OLED display, which runs Windows 10 and has the ability to flexibly transform between laptop and tablet (half the screen is displayed, half as a keyboard, or use both halves to show the content.

Lenovo said they spent a lot of effort to develop hinges and screens for this ThinkPad series model, confirming it better than the systems currently on the market (it is likely to refer to Samsung, and Huawei). It is expected that the product will be officially released in 2020 and in the company’s most advanced ThinkPad X1 series, of course, there is no price yet.

In addition to the above details, the device is also equipped with USB-C port, Wacom stylus, mobile network connectivity options and can connect to a removable keyboard to type faster if you need. Currently, the Foldable PC is still in its early stages, so the hardware is still incomplete, and the software has not been optimized yet. The Windows interface has been able to run with the touch screen, but only when Lenovo completes its software adjustments, can the folding screen tablet work.

It is known that this folding screen is provided by LG Display for Lenovo. It will also use Intel chips. The goal of making Foldable PC is that you can take it away more easily, and PC screen folds are more meaningful than phones. Phones need to be compact, but devices like Galaxy Fold, Huawei Mate X are too big for today’s smartphones and will be harder to put in your pocket. Meanwhile, screen laptops fold up to be smaller than traditional laptops, and you normally have a big machine, so it’s easier to have a smaller device.

Maybe 2020 will be the booming time of Foldable PC, and we see more potential in this market than the array of folding screen smartphones.

Note: the device you see here is not a complete device, it is still being developed by Lenovo.


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