Kurzweil KM88 USB MIDI Keyboard Controller with 88-key Piano Hammer-Action

Kurzweil presents the new KM88, a pure 4-zone keyboard MIDI controller with an 88-key hammer-action keyboard control. The Kurzweil KM88 will be the best midi keyboard control with an offering of a combination of physical and virtual controllers. It can be configured using editor software to adapt it to your own production style.

Kurzweil KM88 MIDI Keyboard Control

With the KM88, Kurzweil pays particular attention to the fully weighted 88-key real piano hammer-action keyboard midi, which is adjustable in seven levels and should also satisfy demanding pianists. Furthermore, individual split and layer combinations with up to four independent zones, each with its own controller assignments, can be created and saved using the desktop editor provided.

Programmable sliders and six buttons allow custom controls such as volume, transposition, multi-switching, zone mute, and more. Modulations and pitch bends are carried out via a programmable joystick.

The KM88 connects to a computer via the USB cable and works with free desktop editor software that allows you to quickly and easily create numerous multi combinations comprised of up to 4 zones including program change, key range, and controller mapping. Additionally, the software allows you to configure a host of virtual controllers per zone including 9 sliders, 9 knobs, and 9 switches. There are 8 factory multi settings and up to 120 User multis for custom setups.

Price and availability

Kurzweil KM88 keyboard MIDI controller is available to pre-order on the Bhphotovideo.com and Amazon.com websites for $599.99.


Kurzweil KM88 MIDI Keyboard Control
  • 88 keys RPHA hammer mechanism
  • 4 zones
  • Programmable X / Y joystick, pedal inputs slider, and 6 buttons
  • Additionally virtual controllers: 9 sliders, 9 rotary controls, and 9 switches per zone
  • Chord Triggers
  • MMC – MIDI Machine Control
  • Desktop software editor
  • User multis: 120
  • MIDI out and USB

Recently, M-Audio has also introduced the Hammer 88 Pro, an 88-key keyboard MIDI controller, which should provide an authentic feel, has many new functions and controls for use in the studio and on stage compared to its predecessor.

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