Klipsch T2 True Wireless Review

The Klipsch T2 True Wireless is its second generation and a mid-range true wireless in-ear headphones product with a price tag of only $80. Whereas when looking at Klipsch earbuds, everyone’s eyes instantly go to the Klipsch T5 and T5 II headphones, which cost twice the T2. But for us, we think this is a true wireless headphones worth buying from today’s clips.

Klipsch T2 True Wireless Review

Klipsch T2 True Wireless practically does not carry many special features such as active noise cancellation or smart technologies. However, what T2 True Wireless offers is a smooth and complete everyday experience.

The T2 True Wireless headset and charging case is not as attractive and luxurious as the Klipsch T5, but the plastic shell of the headset is quite good. The grip is soft and smooth, the finish of the headset makes it much better than competing headphones at the same price range.

And actually, the black version that we have has a starry night sky-like dot pattern that looks very attractive.

Klipsch T2 True Wireless Review

They look good and are a comfortable fit in our ears, but are very solid, not too deep inside the ear like the T5 True-Wireless.

Another plus point of the T2 True Wireless is that the ear tip is easily replaced with third-party ear tips rather than using a special ear tip with hard plastic like both the T5 and T5 II.

T2 are IPX4 water-resistant for everyday use, so its soft coating makes it even stronger when you sweat. Of course, we would not recommend purchasing this headset for sports training or marathon running as compared to the T5 II and T5 Sport models are water-resistant to IP67, and many of JBL’s True Wireless in-ear headphones would also be suitable.

Klipsch T2 True Wireless Review

The battery life of the T2 True Wireless is also sufficient for 6 consecutive hours on the headset and 18 hours on the charging case. The charging case uses a USB-C port or can be charged wirelessly.

This is the biggest plus point of this headset with a price range of only $80, it has a wireless charging pad which looks very good. Although only 5W power, this wireless charger is extremely convenient.

Regarding T2 True Wireless’s ability to hear calls, we think it’s great in an office environment or even on the sidewalk.

Klipsch T2 True Wireless Review

In terms of sound quality, these headphones have a tendency to emphasize being the low end and rich in energy. This headset may not have the purest sound quality in the price range, but it can fight those genres, with the younger generation often preferring to listen to hip hop, or rap music while working or walking.

If you prefer not to listen to rap, this headset has enough bass range to fight such genres, we personally listened to songs by Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West recently whose sound we liked a lot, so T2 True Wireless is an ideal fit.

Final line

The Klipsch T2 True Wireless proves that the most advanced technology does not need to be attractive, but everything needed to be done well is worth the purchase.

So when we first heard it, the sound quality was quite fun, the bass range was good, so we thought it would be worth buying in the range of less than $100 which you can buy on the Amazon.com store.

If you increase your budget a little, then you can buy a very nice Sony Earbuds, called WF-SP800N with active noise cancellation, IP55 dust, and water resistance, and strong sound quality and we have reviewed them in the past, which you will see here.

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