JBL Live Pro 2 Review: ANC with excellent bass!

With the Live Pro 2 TWS, JBL has launched a pair of new true wireless active noise cancelling headphones with mic in the high-end performance segment. These should convince with the JBL Signature Sound as well as improved noise canceling. Plus, there’s a good battery life of up to 40 hours, wireless charging, and a high-quality design on board. So is it still bearable at the cost of $150? Let’s know in this JBL Live Pro 2 review below.

JBL Live Pro 2 Review active noise cancelling headphones with mic


At first glance, the JBL Live Pro 2 TWS are quite the classic true wireless earphones. In particular, the charging box has been kept very simple. You get a plain black matte plastic charging case.

The charging box has the JBL logo on top and the USB-C charging port at the back. However, the second version of the JBL Live Pro TWS can be charged wirelessly too! Simply place the charging case on the wireless charging pad, and they will start charging.

JBL Live Pro 2 Review active noise cancelling headphones with mic

The charging box can charge the earbuds 3x on the go. The JBL noise cancelling headphones should last for around 10 hours with each charge. At least that’s what JBL promises. With ANC, this value seems a bit overwhelming, but 6+ hours is easily achievable.

The Live Pro 2 TWS themselves rely on a bridge design. So we have the earplugs that have a ridge hanging down. It gets a kind of chrome surface at the back, which loosens up the design.

So the earphones look quite chic and valuable! For example, like the JBL TUNE 230NC TWS (REVIEW), the Live Pro 2 uses the usual in-ear form factor with silicone attachments. The back of the device is touch-sensitive, as is the case for earphones in this segment.

Comfortable wearing

The Live Pro 2 is very “humble” in the ear. They don’t pinch, fit quite well, and generally feel comfortable. We wouldn’t say that the Live Pro 2 are the most comfortable earbuds we’ve ever had in our ears, but they’re certainly more comfortable.

JBL Live Pro 2 Review active noise cancelling headphones with mic

For hardcore sports, you can definitely go for better models like the Beats Fit Pro (REVIEW) or the Sennheiser CX Plus True Wireless (REVIEW).


Traditionally, we don’t count JBL as one of the best manufacturers when it comes to ANC. JBL has good ANC but was clearly a step down from Sony, Apple, Bose, and Sennheiser active noise cancelling headphones with mic.

However, there is an improvement in Live Pro 2! By far these are the best ANCs we’ve heard from the JBL noise cancelling headphones. In general, the Live Pro 2 TWS’s ANC is pretty strong for an earphone. Low frequencies are blocked almost 100%!

We are not just talking about motor or fan noise. Bass is completely suppressed even when playing music through the speaker. Impressive! Even the mids and highs have dropped significantly.

These are the best active noise cancelling headphones with mic we’ve heard in the earbuds. With a small “but”, however, in the Live Pro 2 TWS, there is no obvious noise, but there is a certain “sense of pressure” in our ears, which comes from the ANC. We suspect this is a price to pay for the drastic reduction in ambient noise.


JBL advertises the Live Pro 2 TWS with “JBL Signature Sound”. What does this mean? This means a fairly “Live” and bass-heavy sound signature, at least that’s the case with the JBL Live Pro 2 TWS.

JBL Live Pro 2 Review active noise cancelling headphones with mic

But let’s start with the highs. The elevations are mostly neutral, with little lift in the top elevation. As a result, they feel pleasantly sharp and clean but are not overly scratchy. We think the highs are great.

Mids are imperceptible to slightly lower. The JBL Live Pro 2 relies on the popular sound signature bath.

Of course, this also means that the bass is slightly raised. There may be less here, as the Live Pro 2 are the JBL earphones with the most bass we’ve experienced so far. The bass on these is very powerful and deep. The bass pushes itself slightly into the foreground.

This also means that the JBL Live Pro 2 is better than nothing if you’re specifically looking for balanced earphones. It is designed for entertainment, which they succeed! Especially in the electric title and pop music, the bass is just fun. However, the bass avoids being overly exaggerated. Thanks to a good depth and high volume, the bass is efficient.

However, in some titles, it sounds a bit “sluggish” due to the stronger bass and slightly warmer sound signature. We wouldn’t call the bass overly “aggressive.” It was balanced.

Overall, we were satisfied with the JBL Live Pro 2 TWS’ sound, especially in the area of electronic music, although the earphones perform well in other music genres as well. That’s why we found Metal to be surprisingly fun with the earphones. These look surprisingly “heavy”, which can also have a great charm.

A good example of a song that might come as a surprise to the Live Pro 2 would be “Ed Sheeran’s I See Fire”. It was warm, soft yet powerful, and the tone of the song fits wonderfully on the earphones.

JBL Live Pro 2 Review active noise cancelling headphones with mic

With a perfectly straight line, the earphones will reproduce the audio signal 1 to 1 without coloring or “misleading”. However, this is only common with studio/context headphones. You can roughly divide the diagram into three regions, left = lows/bass, middle = middle and right = highs. If one part is higher than the other, that frequency range is acoustically more pronounced than the other. For example, if the left frequency curve is too high, it means bass boost. Although it is not possible to break the sound down to just the frequency curve, it still provides neutral information about the sound.

Final line

Do you like bass? Then JBL Live Pro 2 TWS is made for you! It’s the strongest bass earphones we’ve got our hands on from JBL. Like some mid-range models, the bass isn’t over the top here, but for your “A” brand, the earbuds have plenty of powerful basses.

Not only is it slightly raised well, but it’s also surprisingly deep and huge. The highs also succeed, which is why the earphones sound a little warmer and “more spacious,” but not dull.

JBL Live Pro 2 Review active noise cancelling headphones with mic

If you prefer a powerful and bass-strong sound, you might like the sound signature of the JBL Live Pro 2! We didn’t find any real vulnerabilities here. The bass could be a bit more “aggressive” and resolve the mids better, but it’s complaining at high levels.

The comfort, design, and battery life are just perfect! There is also wireless charging on board. The ANC is also quite strong. There was a slight “sense of pressure” felt in our ears, but on the other hand, it’s too strong for earphones!

JBL Live Pro 2 price and availability

JBL Live Pro 2 can be purchased on Amazon.com and Amazon.co.uk websites for $149.95 / £129.

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