Irix Cine 21mm T1.5: Bright ultra wide angle lens for full format cameras

Irix is ​​expanding its range of cinema lenses and has introduced the brand new 21mm T1.5 Cine lens. The bright ultra-wide angle lens is designed for mirrorless cameras and cinema cameras that are equipped with a full-frame image sensor. Accordingly, it is available with various lens mounts: ARRI PL, Canon EF, Canon RF, L Mount, Micro Four Thirds, Nikon Z, and Sony E.

Irix 21mm T1.5 Cine lens

As usual with cinema lenses, the 21mm T1.5 allows precise manual distance setting and has a gear ring for use with a follow focus device. In addition, it offers an infinitely variable aperture ring with an aperture scale in T values ​​(light transmission values).

Irix 21mm T1.5 has been designed to shoot with the latest cameras on the market, including “Ultra HD 8K+” cinema cameras with full-frame, Super 35 (APS-C), and smaller sensors such as Micro Four Thirds. The optical design of the lens includes 4 extra-low dispersion glass elements, 4 high reflective elements, and 2 aspherical lenses. In total, there are 15 elements in 11 groups.

The image circle of 43.3 mm completely covers all sensor sizes from full format 35 to 1/3″ sensors. The circular, 11-blade diaphragm construction ensures a pleasant background blur and a continuous adjustment in the range from T1.5 to T16. The lens exhibits virtually no focus breathing (below 1 degree throughout the range from 0.3m to infinity). The lens is also distortion-free (below 2%).

The new Irix 21mm T1.5 is a perfect match for the Irix 30mm T1.5 and 45mm T1.5, creating a unified, fast T1.5 lens set that allows shooting in almost any situation. This set can easily be expanded with other Irix Cine lenses such as the 11mm T4.3, the 15mm T2.6, and the 150mm T3.0.

The new Irix 21mm gives free rein to your creativity. It’s wide but controlled enough to avoid unnecessary subject distortion. It is perfect for close-up shots in tight spaces where you also want the background to be visible. At the same time, the large aperture helps to isolate the subject, similar to using telephoto lenses. T1.5 opens up almost unlimited possibilities for shooting in all lighting conditions.

Irix cine lenses are among the most compact and lightest full-frame cine lenses. Like the other lenses in the Irix series, the body of the new 21mm T1.5 is made of a light but durable aluminum-magnesium alloy. Thanks to this construction and considering the importance of weight balance, Irix claims to have managed to keep the weight constant with other Irix cine lenses – 1.1 kg.

Irix Cine 21mm T1.5 price and Availability

The new Irix Cine 21mm T1.5 lens should be available in the coming weeks – probably in February 2022. The lens can be pre-ordered from the online retailer at $1,195 for all mount variants except for the variant with PL mount which is more expensive. With a PL mount, the lens costs $1,295.

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