Intellytech launches LiteCloth LC-160RGBW II Foldable LED Mat Kit

Intellytech specializes in various accessories for photography and video shooting, and now they introduced new LED light fixtures called the LiteCloth LC-160RGBW II foldable LED mat kit panel. This is the second led lighting fixtures in the series, the new product has become 15% brighter, it has an HSI adjustment (hue, saturation, and brightness), and it also became cheaper than the previous one.

led light fixtures

It is not often that new models of gadgets become better, brighter, and cheaper at the same time, so we find a good reason to take a closer look at this commercial led lighting panel. New Intellytech LC-160RGBW II is a flexible foldable LED panel, a bit like a rug, with a 160 W power and a size 56×56 cm, which folds into a 30×30 cm square. There are already flexible panels on the market that can roll up into a tube, but the folding design of the LC-160RGBW II is easier to carry and store, and can be installed and removed faster.

It comes with a softbox, and thanks to its external controller design, the lamp is lightweight and can be easily installed, for example, on a crane stand right above the table, which will be very convenient in many shooting situations. The LC-160RGBW II features a color temperature range that is adjustable from 3000 to 10000 K with a color rendering of 95+ (CRI / TLCI 9). You can adjust the color and brightness level (0-100%) using the touch screen or slider.

The led light fixture has a fairly high power of 160 W, and due to its relatively large size, it is wide and at the same time bright light source. According to the manufacturer, in the range from 3500 to 9500 K, the lamp produces 100% power. The panel can be powered from an AC adapter or by a rechargeable battery – compatible with both V-Mount and Gold Mount batteries can be installed. The complete pole mount bracket is securely attached to the back of the lamp with a special Velcro.

Intellytech LiteCloth LC-160RGBW II Foldable LED Mat Kit

Like many modern outdoor led lighting models, the panel is capable of flashing in any way, simulating a police car, a disco, candlelight, and other effects.

One of the downsides is that the LED cannot be wirelessly controlled out of the box, for this, you have to buy an additional wireless controller (LC-WR3 II) for $99. However, the light can be controlled by DMX, so the panel can be integrated into a studio lighting control system – either with a 512 DMX controller or with an optional wireless controller.

Price and availability

LiteCloth LC-160RGBW II Foldable LED Mat Kit has been priced at $1,099 and it can be purchased through the store. The Kit includes 2×2 Foldable LED Mat, Softbox, Diffuser, Grid, Mounting Bracket, Updated Ballast (Controller) with Attached Battery Plate, AC Adapter (Universal), Power Cable, and Carrying Case.

Recently, Ikan has also introduced a new bendable LED panel called Canvas RGBWA. It is a full color flexible LED panels with customizable RGBWA color management and includes a softbox with egg crate.

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