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IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro and UNO Synth Pro Desktop: Now available!

The delivery of the IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro is now imminent! The big brother of the compact UNO Synth offers three oscillators, dual filters, and a lot more options. Particularly exciting: the UNO Synth Pro Keyboard Synthesizer is available in two versions – as a compact version with a touch keyboard like the UNO Synth and in a large version with a full-size keyboard.

IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Analog Keyboard Synthesizer

The new analog synthesizer has three variable waveshape oscillators that can be played paraphonic. The waveforms should be infinitely variable. PWM, Sync, FM, and ring modulation are also available.

There are also two filters: the 2-pole multimode filter based on OTA from the UNO Synth and a 2- or 4-pole low-pass filter from SSI. It should be possible to use the filters in series and in parallel. Phase reversal creates a total of 24 different filter modes.

The IKMultimedia UNO Synth Pro offers two ADSR envelopes and two LFOs for modulation. In a modulation matrix with 16 slots, internal and external modulation sources can be combined with a variety of destinations.

The UNO Synth Pro also offers four effect blocks for sound enhancement. In addition to an analog overdrive circuit, a total of 12 digital effects are available in the Modulation, Delay, and Reverb blocks. You also send external signals through the effects.

Furthermore, a sequencer with 64 steps and an arpeggiator with 10 modes are on the feature list of the IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro. In “Chord Mode”, they also make use of the paraphonic polyphony of the synthesizer.

IK Multimedia UNO Synth Pro Analog Keyboard Synthesizer

In addition to USB and MIDI connections, the UNO Synth Pro has assignable CV / Gate inputs and outputs. Thus, nothing stands in the way of the connection to a modular system. There is also an audio input that can be used to send external signals through the synthesizer’s filters and effects.

UNO Synth Pro appears in two versions. First as a large version with a 37 Fatar TPS9 keyboard and as a desktop version with a touch keyboard. Velocity is only possible with the compact model via MIDI. In principle, that is the main difference – apart from the size and price, of course.

Price and availability

The delivery of the UNO Synth Pro and UNO Synth Pro Desktop should start in a few days. The large model is priced at $649.99 and the desktop version costs $399.99 and available to buy here at and websites.

Earlier this year, Sequential has introduced the Prophet-5 and Prophet-10 Rev4, the desktop versions of the two voice synthesizers are now also available in compact versions for those who don’t need a keyboard.

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