How to Beat the Slot RNG

When you play a slot game, everything becomes related to chance and luck. You can’t predict where the symbols are going to land, and you can’t know for sure whether you are going to win or not. This is because games at Slots Mummy are created using the RNG (random number generator) system. This system is actually a piece of software that is used to make each game, and it’s the law that it needs to be part of the slot machine or online slot code.

How to Beat the Slot RNG

The RNG essentially makes every single game a game of luck. It helps to ensure there is equality across all the games so that no one can cheat and everyone has the same chance as everyone else to win the prizes on offer. It helps players to feel more at ease playing when they know there is nothing they can do to influence the game and they can simply sit back and enjoy the randomness which occasionally gives them the best of luck and the biggest of jackpots.

Can How You Play Change The RNG’s Outcome?

The answer is no. It makes no difference how long you’re playing for, how much you spend, or whether or not you set the game to play automatically. It’s random no matter what you do. And it’s certainly not taking note of what you are doing either and reporting back to the casino or the game developer. It’s a reasonably clever piece of software, but it’s not the best in the world. It does what it’s meant to do and no more.

Do I Need To Understand The RNG To Play?

Again, no. You don’t need to understand how any of the elements that come together to make a slot game – whether you’re playing online slots of traditional ones – in order to play. You pay your money, push or click a button, and the reels start to turn. Soon the symbols will land when the reels stop moving, and at that point, you’ve either won or lost (and losing is the most likely outcome since there are many more losing combinations than winning ones). That’s it.

Of course, you can learn more about slots. You can learn how they are made, what happens during design, you can even learn more about the RNG, but none of it is going to help you to win more often or win a bigger jackpot. If you’re going to spend time trying to understand more about slots just do it for fun or because you genuinely want to know more. Doing it because you think you can cheat the RNG is not going to work and you’ll just waste a lot of your time.

Manipulating The RNG

You might worry that, although players can’t do anything to affect the RNG, the casinos the games are placed in might be able to. This is highly unlikely to be the case. Firstly, what would a casino have to gain by doing this? Their players lose most of the time anyway, and a win here and there certainly isn’t going to put the casino out of business. Plus, if players never ever won anything, they would soon look elsewhere for their fun, so there would be no income for the casinos. It just isn’t worth it and doesn’t make any sense for a casino to get involved in this way. It helps no one.

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