Heritage Audio Symph EQ: An asymptotic Stereo Equalizer for Mastering

Heritage Audio is known for its finest audio equipment, which always makes use of the classics, but also brings a few new ideas. The manufacturer waited patiently until the end of NAMM 2021 to present the Symph EQ. This stereo equalizer is supposed to be an update to Baxandall EQs, which have proven themselves for 70 years. That is very ambitious!

Heritage Audio Symph EQ asymptotic Stereo Equalizer

The tone control, invented by Peter J. Baxandall in 1952, was a revolution in audio that used a lot, especially in the hi-fi world, also for some mastering EQs. Symph EQ (stands for “Stereo Asymptotic Equalizer”) is also an equalizer specially designed for mastering in a slim 19-inch housing. Compared to the usual Baxandall EQs, the sound here should sound more musical and tighter.

The device only provides the boost for the low or high band in grid steps. One controller only works in steps of 1 dB, while the 0.5 button adds half a decibel. CUT essentially reverses the curve and turns the increase into a decrease.

For each of the two bands, you have to select one of six fixed frequencies. The high shelf offers 8, 10, 12, 15, 20, and 24 kHz, while the low shelf offer 470, 360, 220, 110, 60, and 20 Hz to choose from.

The two 2-pole filters for high and low pass provide even more control. They go to work with a gentle 12 dB slope and offer five fixed frequencies in addition to OFF to deactivate the filter. For the low pass you choose between 10, 12, 18, 22, and 30 kHz, the high pass filter offers you the choice between 160, 82, 47, 20, and 15 Hz.

Heritage Audio Symph EQ asymptotic Stereo Equalizer

A nice extra is the M/S mode that can be activated. With a push of a button, you switch to it and then process the middle and side signals separately from each other. For example, you can quickly make the middle a little duller and the sides a little lighter.

Carnhill Input transformers are another special feature of this stereo equalizer. They are specially made for the company in Oxford and are also used by the Successor or the BritStrip. The output amplifier is again in the 73 class A design. These components are essentially a fixed feature of the manufacturer, which can found in all products.

The inputs and outputs are again available as XLR sockets with gold-plated connections. The design of the 1U high device corresponds to the typical look of the other devices from Heritage Audio, and the price is also in a comparable range.

Heritage Audio Symph EQ price and availability

Heritage Audio Symph EQ stereo equalizer is now available to pre-order on the Bhphotovideo.com store at $1,499.

Last month, Heritage Audio brought out a successor to the 500 series modules 73 JR. When choosing the name, the manufacturer decided on 73JR II Microphone Preamplifier. The module extends the features of its predecessor in some areas, priced at $949.

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