Harman Kardon FLY TWS Review: Perfect TWS Earphones for EDM, but High Price

You must have heard the name of the audio equipment brand Harman Kardon, who has given us many great speakers, but this time there are no speakers, we will see their first wireless earphones launched by the company, named FLY TWS Earphones. Keep reading this Harman Kardon FLY TWS review to see if these earbuds are special and interesting!


harman kardon fly tws earphones review

The Harman Kardon FLY TWS comes packed in a sturdy rectangular box and on the back there is a mention of some outstanding specs. The accessory comes with a USB-C charging cable and two eartips which we can change according to the size of the ear.

The charging box of the Harman Kardon TWS Earphones is made of plastic material, but the top half is covered with a smooth and luxurious touch of black leather, so the appearance feels like a giant black bean. To make the box more attractive, a long plastic strip has been embossed in the middle with the Harman Kardon logo printed on it.

The rest of the device is covered with rubber coating for a strong grip. When the box opens, we will see a charging pin inside, in which we will fit two of our headphones and an LED status indicator has also been included. The back of the box has a USB-C charging port and an LED light.
The charging box and earbuds both come in identical black color. At the top of the sensor, the earbud is still covered with a black leather layer and the surrounding white metal rim contributes to the highlight. 

The body of the earbud is also made of plastic and its housing is round. The underside of each earbud will have an area to contact the charging pins and proximity sensor. Above the wireless earbuds, there is also a mic port to collect sound into the headset and there is a mic for conversation.

The sound nozzle is placed on the edge, so when we wear the headset it feels very light in weight and fits well in our ears, if you use it in motion, then you have to pay a little attention because it does not fit into our ears as strongly.


The FLY TWS is integrated with IPX5 water resistance to help you feel more secure to sweat or when sudden light rain occurs. You should download the My harman/kardon Headphones application, which supports both Android and iOS platforms, from which you will be able to do advanced customization and will also keep you updated about the new firmware version.

harman kardon fly tws earphones review

The wireless earbuds with mic also support a Talk Thru feature that reduces the volume for you to talk outside without removing the headset and Ambient Aware mode helps users hear noise from the surrounding environment while listening to music. The application has a relatively intuitive interface, users can quickly turn on/off the two above modes, track the battery capacity of the headset, and also set the touch operation.

Harman Kardon FLY TWS Earphones do not support the active noise cancellation feature. We like this headset quite well, but when? When the environment is relatively quiet, when there is too much background noise, the quality deteriorates, and our attention shifts to noise.

The FLY TWS connects quickly, it self-activates when notched in the ear, and starts to sound for connection notification. As you know, the outer panel of each earbud is sensitive to touch. The right earbud controls playback, track navigation, and call management, depending on how many taps you give it. Holding a finger in place summons your mobile device’s built-in assistant. Swiping up or down raises or lowers the volume. The left ear’s panel controls voice assistants with a single tap, it supports both Alexa and Google Assistant, or Ambient Aware mode with a swipe.

harman kardon fly tws earphones review

In terms of sound quality, we mostly like EDM and POP music, so we have tried to outline some of the observations keeping in mind these two segments: We think this FLY TWS is made for EDM music only, we found EDM very powerful with deep and solid bass, not like other same segment wireless earphones encroaching bass in our ears. This does not mean that its bass is weak, only it is not prickling in our ears.

Pop music or songs that require a high degree of detail about the singer’s voice, while we were not able to hear it so well, the sound of the musical instrument was not as clear as it actually was, whereas recently we had reviewed Samsung Galaxy Buds Live/Beans, it did not see all this flaw.

harman kardon fly tws earphones review

While the FLY TWS Earphones and Galaxy Buds Live have only a $20 difference, so now you decide with whom you want to go with. We did not notice any sound lag when watching videos on YouTube or Netflix, but while playing the game, we noticed a certain delay of sound.


We listened to music and watched movies for about 4 hours continuously (volume level was moderate) and then we got a notification of battery low. Harman Kardon claims a continuous playback of up to 6 hours and up to 14 hours of battery life with a charging case, so up to a total of 20 hours.

harman kardon fly tws earphones review

We have to spend about 2 hours to fully charge both the box and the headset’s battery. This time is fine for us because wearing musical instruments all day is also tiring and boring.

Final line

Harman Kardon’s first wireless earphones have a great design, relatively good sound, suitable for multiple music streams, waterproofing for sports users, and assuring for good battery life.

But the product still has a few minus points. First of all, its price, which is $149.95, is much higher than its features and other wireless earbuds available in the market, it is available for us to buy on Amazon.com website.

Another point is that it has no active noise-canceling technology, so how do you rate this Harman Kardon FLY TWS? please share your opinion in the comment section below!

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