Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3 Review

Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3 is an upgraded version of Aura Studio 2 in terms of the size of the sub-woofer to ensure room coverage as well as a more detailed and full bass range. Especially in appearance, this new wireless speaker system does not have a bass port tube as before.

Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3 Review

Aura Studio 3 is a 360 degree wireless Bluetooth speaker with 6 mid-treble drivers spread around the perimeter of the speaker. To scale back the bass range, Herman Kardon equipped with a 130 mm woofer driver, putting 100 W of power to hit the bass range, but eliminating the bass port. That means the speaker itself becomes a closed cabinet which is famous for its strong, dynamic bass range and makes it the best sounding Bluetooth speaker.

Harman Kardon has made wavy grooves at the bottom of the speaker to disperse the mass of air behind the woofer when it slams the bass. The bass has a significant impact on the clarity and decisiveness. This is an intelligent sound design, removing the bass port and sealing the top of the speaker will limit dust and make cleaning easier.

But slowly, the wavy image looks good, adding a little light and dimming will add sophistication and aesthetics. With the water wave ripple effect design, Harman Kardon furnishes a white lighting system called Ambient Light. This light moves slowly, shimmering through the waves, creating a relaxing vision effect.

The best and most suitable lamp placement for us is the living room, the wireless speaker system is simple and modern designed with the living space. The speaker is accompanied by decorative lights that make listening to music even more melodious. The speed of light flow is also slow, deliberate, suitable for jazzy, blue, soft classical tunes, and lyrical music.

The sound of Aura Studio 3 is quite clear, fine details, and sharp without being harsh. We have been using this Bluetooth wireless speaker for a long time, for almost a month and every day our team members use it to listen to music. We used to listen to many different types of mixed music, and Aura Studio 3 expresses the surreal piano sound of Lyle Mays or Keith Jarrett quite well.

There are six 40mm mid-treble drivers around the speaker, the notes of the piano stretched, sweet, and full in both front and rear speakers, so you feel like you’re listening to a live concert. We can easily see that the Aura Studio 3’s sound space is slightly larger and wider than its smaller size.

When listening to music with vocals, Aura Studio 3 melodiously soprano with a good bass range and high-pitched midrange, without much noise. Aura Studio 3 reveals several layers of sound, but it does not make you feel upset or uncomfortable. Listening to the deep, cool male vocal is even more surprising because the male’s voice is quite thick and consistent, with no bass encroachment, no drowning.

It can be said that the upgrade of the woofer driver from 112mm to 130mm combined with the acoustic design inside the new speaker brought really high efficiency, the bass range now stands out and more excellent than the Aura Studio 2.

Because the speaker has a 360-degree design, it’s good at where it’s listening, not fussy in the environment. But according to our experience, you should put Aura Studio 3 in a place where there is a solid surface to limit vibration, echoed in the bass range, and where we can hear a clear and powerful quality sound.

These loudest portable Bluetooth speakers have 2 main connections: Bluetooth and 3.5mm analog input, for Bluetooth, you can use your phone to stream music content online on Spotify or Apple Music. For the 3.5mm port, you can use the Aura Studio 3 as a beautiful computer speaker, or play with a turntable to listen to vinyl, catching up with a growing trend in audiophile villages around the world.

Final line

The Harman Kardon Aura Studio 3 is quite excellent with a full and solid bass range as well as clear high-mid-high sound quality, combined with a plus point in design and appearance. This is definitely an option that you can hardly ignore. The overall design with the transparent top and soft pulsating lights makes it very alluring indeed. Build quality is superb, and it would look just as good on a desk as in your bedroom. We like the amount of bass it can put out.

Then, there’s the price. At $299.95 on Amazon.com. If you absolutely need the highest volume levels, thumping bass, loudest portable Bluetooth speakers, then the Aura Studio 3 beats the other speaker hands down.

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