Go Keyless with the enhanced security system of WELOCK smart door lock

Modern homes are getting smarter. From refrigerators to the smart door lock system, you find the integration of digital technology that allows users to control their devices at home remotely. Alexa is an excellent example of a smart home system. It has demonstrated that humanity is no longer restrained by the traditional way of managing the house. 

Today, you can connect all digital devices through your wifi and manage everything without being home. People who travel abroad more often find it very difficult to keep an eye on the equipment at home. 

WELOCK smart lock is an ingenious device for protecting your family and valuable at home. The keyless entry door locks comes with the Fingerprint door locking system, Bluetooth connectivity, wifi-enabled operations, and even you can access the lock through an RFID card. Multiple access points make it easy for the whole family to access the home without requiring multiple keys.

The fingerprint locking system provided added security. High-end sensors prevent strangers from entering the place. A person who is not registered to the locking system will never get access to the door. You can read more details about the keyless entry system by visiting the official website of WELOCK smart lock.

The cost of the Smart door lock device is affordable, so anyone can adopt the new technology and make their living space more secure. You can buy WELOCK smart lock at €149.99. 

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Features of the WELOCK smart lock

  • Fingerprint verification to recognize the authentic user.

WELOCK smart door lock keyless entry door locks
  • Multiple locking mechanisms offer more convenience. Use the preferred locking facility to make the entry soothing.
  • A custom-made mobile application shows the real-time data of every entry point. Data will tell you who access the door.
  • RFID card system permits the guest and other family members or staff to access the door. You can pair up to 20 cards to the single door lock.

WELOCK smart door lock keyless entry door locks
  • The waterproof design makes the locking system suitable for any season. WELOCK smart lock has received an IP65 rating. It will protect your home 24×7 & 365 days without fail.
WELOCK smart door lock keyless entry door locks
  • WELOCK smart lock comes with a two-year warranty to be worry-free.
  • Enjoy free shipping from FBA. 
  • The device offers you one year of battery life. The OLED display will indicate the status of the battery and many other essential settings. A reminder message is sent to the owner when the battery reaches below 20% charging capacity so that you can replace it in time.
  • if the battery cannot be replaced in time, there is a USB socket for emergency power supply using a power bank(portable charger), and the door can be unlocked in time.
  • Easy to install; no specialized skill is needed. You can effortlessly replace the existing locking system with the “WELOCK smart lock“. No Locksmith is required, thus making it maintenance-free.

“WELOCK smart lock” offers the security where it is needed the most. The application-supported device makes tracking easy. Place the digital “WELOCK smart lock” system in your office and monitor all the activities on your Smartphone. On top of that, the intelligent electric door lock system stops unidentified entries to private places. 

Give your home and office place needed safety with “WELOCK smart lock.” Use coupon code “GET20″ to get the early discount. 

Visit the WELOCK smart door lock product page here to know more.

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