Gimbal for Smartphone: Which One I should Buy

A gimbal is an incredibly effective tool for taking photos and recording fully stabilized videos: here’s how they work and which ones to buy!

Gimbal for Smartphone

Whether you are a professional or just want to shoot well, it doesn’t matter, the gimbal stabilizers can completely stabilize your smartphone! In reality, these devices are born in the world of cinema, but today at prices much more accessible, the gimbal for smartphone is entering everyone’s homes!

Gimbal stabilizer is very easy to use, but depending on the degree of accuracy and stability you are looking for, you have different price ranges available. Over the years, these gimbals have opened up more and more to the global market and now the choice is much more varied, even and above all in the price!

Gimbal for Smartphone: What is a Gimbal?

In our opinion before seeing what are the best smartphone gimbal to buy, it is good to take a closer look at these gimbals to understand how they work and immediately get an idea of their characteristics to identify those that you can not give up when choosing!

First of all, let’s start by looking at what a smartphone gimbal looks like. Its shape is similar to that of a selfie stick (yes, those selfie sticks that support the smartphone by taking pictures and videos at a distance, by pressing a simple button on the handle):

Here, a gimbal for smartphone is next to the same thing, but it has the elaborate electronic components that allow it to keep the smartphone (in general the camera) perfectly still! And thanks to electronics, you will also find physical commands.

But let’s go into details and see how it works! The gimbal head equipped with the electric motor which stabilizes the movements of the smartphone based on certain reference axes. Generally, the gimbal stabilize on at least three axes.

In doing so all movements become fluid and stabilized, and thanks to the physical commands – often combined with an app to be installed on your smartphone – it is often possible to create motion effects, follow objects (tracking) and much more! But why are we making differences between gimbal for smartphone and others?

Essentially – neglecting precision and the most professional features – the difference is precisely the electric motors that move the gimbal arms: their power defines a maximum weight of action that restricts the field of smartphones.

Best Gimbal for Smartphone

If you are wondering what is the best smartphone gimbal, you are asking the wrong question! Searching on the web you will see that the gimbal have (more or less) the same functionality, and their cost increases – in general – as the accuracy of the electric motor increases. What you have to watch instead, is all the rest! Here are some that we can advise you:

FeiyuTech Vimble 2

[amazon box=”B079FNXHD6″ /]

Among the cheapest, we find the Vimble 2 is a 3 axis gimbal with an integrated 2200mAh battery capable of giving a juice up to 5 hours. Among the advantages, there is certainly lightness, ease of use thanks to the few buttons, and the fact that it can get longer.

Among the integrated features is the Bluetooth connection with the smartphone, the screw connection for the tripod and some useful modes of operation to help you in the effect you want to achieve. You can also find the best deal on the FeiyuTech Vimble 2 gimbel here with coupons and more.

Zhiyun Smooth 4

[amazon box=”B07BHCC3BV” /]

The Smooth 4 is the latest gem of Zhiyun – one of the best brand ever when it comes to gimbals – and despite the decidedly cheap price, this gimbal stabilizer integrates many advanced features that make it perfect for both the beginner and the professional!

To give a few numbers, the Smooth 4 is a 3-axis gimbal with a battery that provides up to 12 hours of battery life. Its electric motor can support smartphones up to 210 grams – perfect iPhone gimbal and perform complete overviews or lateral movements up to 240 degrees.

EVO Shift

[amazon box=”B06XNNLHT9″ /]

Among the most popular smartphone gimbal, there is EVO Shift, a 3 axis gimbal stabilizer with a central joystick that is easier to use but still incorporates everything you need to stabilize your shots and create beautiful video effects thanks to the app dedicated.

There is also a screw connection for the tripod, an integrated 1500mAh battery which should promise up to 12 hours of usage time and an electric motor that can support action cams and smartphones up to a maximum weight of 220 grams The feedback on Amazon is very good: it deserves a look!

Zhiyun Smooth Q

[amazon box=”B06XNNV5NJ” /]

The Smooth Q is very similar to the previous EVO, but brings with it the huge experience of the Zhiyun brand at practically the same price! Here too we have 3 axis stabilization and a 1500mAh battery. The range of movement is also good, ranging from 320° (on the axes) to 360° in rotation.

The Zhiyun Smooth Q can support smartphones with a screen up to 6 inches and weigh around 200 grams. Through the app, you can access many features and modes such as Auto-tracking of an object, the Time Lapse and much more. There are also great deals on the Zhiyun Smooth Q gimbal here at an even more affordable price.

Zhiyun Smooth 3

[amazon box=”B0796RSTYW” /]

Predecessor of the Smooth 4, the Zhiyun Smooth 3 is still one of the best gimbal for smartphone, also awarded at CES 2018.

This gimbal is equipped with a large rechargeable battery that guarantees up to 14 hours of battery life. In addition, professional electric motors guarantee up to 260 grams of weight! The physical commands, combined with the smartphone app. Finally, allow a complete and professional control with many modes and functions.

DJI Osmo Mobile

[amazon box=”B01KUX9VT2″ /]

Just like drones, DJI has been a leading brand in the industry, and it’s Osmo Mobile is a practical example of their professionalism and knowledge in the field. We are talking about an extremely precise, very light and manageable 3-axis gimbal stabilizer with different operating modes and convenient physical buttons.

The only flaw lies in the size that does not allow you to mount very large or heavy smartphones. However, in recent months the price has dropped a lot and therefore is a viable alternative to consider!

Gimbal for Smartphone: Top 10 best-selling

Now that we have seen more in detail the features and the various types of gimbal, it is time to advise you in buying one of these. Here is an updated list of the top 10 best-selling smartphone gimbals on Amazon.

[amazon bestseller=”gimbal smartphone” items=”10″]

Obviously, the fact that they are the best sellers, does not mean that they are the best to buy: for that we ask you to follow us in the guide where we will advise and look closer the best ever for price ranges.

Conclusions: Which one I should Buy?

In our opinion, these were the best gimbal for smartphone! If you are still undecided in the choice we could make some useful considerations for you: if you are not looking for an excessively professional tool, and not too expensive, then a Smooth Q would be a good choice.

If you are looking for a gimbal with a particularly precise and feature-rich operation, you could opt for a Smooth 3 or Smooth 4, while remaining in a low budget! For any other questions or concerns, please leave a comment below.

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