Galaxy Note9: Best to Watch YouTube Videos

YouTube Signature Device 2019 is a real ranking that rewards the best mobile devices able to reproduce the content on YouTube taking advantage of all the potential features offered by the Google multimedia platform.


If you are a big fan of multimedia content on smartphones, you will already know that the viewing experience between one and another device can be very different. Precisely for this reason, Google has decided to draw up a special list of smartphones, including the best products optimized for video playback on YouTube.

Among the devices awarded with the new YouTube Signature Device 2019 certification, there are two very interesting features. Among all, the first is the choice of the best device to enjoy the videos on the famous Google platform fell on the new Galaxy Note9, was announced yesterday night at the dedicated event in New York. And on that occasion, Samsung has already had the opportunity to announce this particular winning title.

But the second peculiarity is even more curious since it could disrupt millions of users: in the YouTube list, there is no iPhone, not even one. This is mainly due to some technical factors used by Google for the assignment of certification, which Apple devices obviously do not respect.

To be certified as YouTube Signature Device, a smartphone should be able to support all of the advanced technology including a 360° video, HDR, high frame rates, 4K decoding, the latest codec generation DRM high performance. As already known, Apple does not support the VP9 codec – developed by Google and used for the YouTube player.

Obviously, this does not mean that the iPhone experience is poor or it has any issues, but only that there are better devices to use YouTube. The Google list offers a selection of smartphones that offer the best user experience and, in addition to the Note9, there are also Sony Xperia XZ2 Premium, Pixel 2 XL, OnePlus 6, LG G7, Xiaomi Mi8, HTC U12 Plus and many more.

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