Funny Bingo Rewards

Bingo has been well and truly catapulted into the mainstream recently; mainly as a result of the online bingo craze that has swept not just the UK, but the entire world (where it is legal to do so of course). Now, none of this would have ever happened if it were not for a man called Edwin S. Lowe who devised the scorecards we use today and made the game of bingo into a commercial juggernaut – find out more.

Funny Bingo Rewards

Bingo is played in so many places all around the world, and this is mainly because people just cannot resist the chance to try and win some of the jackpots on offer. However, it isn’t just money you can win whilst playing bingo, there are a variety of other things you can end up winning too. Read ahead for a few funny bingo rewards that have been reported over the years.

Sexy lingerie

We are sure that most people would have at least heard of Ann Summers, the popular adult store that specializes in things like lingerie and other sexy items. Well, for a limited time in 2007 the company decided to set their own online bingo site up called that featured daily bingo games.

And you can guess what the prizes involved in these bingo games were… That’s right! Heaps and heaps of lingerie, alongside some raunchier prizes too! Ann Summer Bingo didn’t last too long, however, they did give out some funny bingo rewards in their time.

A genuine milking cow

How often would you expect to enter a game of bingo and walk away with a genuine milking cow? Probably not too often, right? Well, one typical city dwelling young professional from New York once found herself in the US countryside and ended up being invited into a game of bingo.

And as luck would have it she ended up winning this game of bingo, but we’re sure she didn’t expect the prize that was on offer… That’s right, it was a genuine milking cow! Can you imagine the shock on her face? We’re not sure what use a milking cow would be in NYC, and it is reported that the cow was donated to a local farmer and led a wholesome life.

Branded merchandise

Aside from actual cash, you will often find that branded merchandise is the most common prize to acquire from a game of bingo and is available from a large variety of bingo providers.

Branded merchandise can come in a thousand different variations, however, the most common things to see are things like T-shirts, badges, and rucksacks.

A free drink or two

In more recent times bingo club nights have become very popular with the younger generations, successfully fusing the game of bingo with clubbing. The rewards can be hilarious at these events, with multiple funny things like forfeits being on the cards. It is also common to win a free drink or two when playing bingo in a club, something we are sure nobody will want to say no too!

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