Secure Your Pre-order of the Fujifilm SX1600 Long Range Camera with Built-in Lens

FUJIFILM Corporation has unveiled its latest addition to the SX series lineup, the Fujifilm SX1600 40x zoom long-range camera. With a focal length range stretching from a wide-angle 40mm to an impressive 1600mm, touted as the “world’s longest,” this camera is set to make waves in the photography world. Meticulously crafted as a unified unit, both the lens and camera work harmoniously to deliver top-notch performance.

fujifilm sx1600

One standout feature of the SX1600 is its combined optical (OIS) and electronic (EIS) image stabilization system. This powerful duo effectively compensates for any camera shake that may occur due to strong gusts or vibrations at the shooting location. This stabilization system truly shines when capturing subjects in the super-telephoto range, where even the tiniest tremor can have a detrimental effect. When in EIS mode, the camera utilizes a sensor with ample size to match the lens diameter, resulting in stunning Full HD (1920 x 1080) resolution for exceptionally high-quality videos. Furthermore, the combination of OIS and EIS significantly enhances the durability and lifespan of the image stabilization mechanism.

The SX1600 employs a phase detection autofocus sensor that utilizes phase pixels across the entire sensor. This clever design allows for instant distance measurement based on incident light. Additionally, the camera supports “Contrast AF,” a feature that accurately identifies high-contrast areas within images and automatically adjusts to the optimal autofocus setting. Equipped with a highly sensitive sensor and advanced noise reduction technology, the SX800 excels at capturing exceptional images with minimal noise, even in challenging low-light conditions.

Price and release date

Photography enthusiasts will be pleased to know that the Fujifilm SX1600 long-range camera is now available for pre-order exclusively on, priced at $37,500. This eagerly anticipated release has generated significant buzz among professionals and hobbyists alike.

Fujifilm SX1600 specifications

  • Effective sensor size: 1/1.8″ – 1.1″
  • Resolution: Full HD (1920×1080)
  • Minimum illumination: Color 0.00014lux (at F1.2) / 0.0064lux (at F8.0)
  • B/W 0.0001lux (at F1.2) / 0.0042lux (at F8.0)
  • Focus settings: Continuous AF, Quick AF, Manual
  • Iris: Auto, Manual (Aperture range: F8 – F32)
  • Shutter speed: Auto (with minimum speed selection of 1/8 – 1/125s), Manual (1 – 1/32000s)
  • Gain: AGC, HYPER-AGC, Manual (Setting range: ISO400 – 819200)
  • Optical filter: Visible Light Cut filter (ON / OFF)
  • Day / Night selection: Auto, Scheduled, Manual
  • Wavelengths selection: 950nm, 940nm, 850nm, 808nm, Visible light
  • Image stabilization: Auto (OIS+EIS), OIS, EIS, OFF
  • Wide dynamic range: Selectable (2 levels)
  • Backlight correction: Selectable (2 levels)
  • Heat haze reduction: Selectable (3 levels)
  • Fog reduction: Selectable (3 levels)
  • Noise reduction: Selectable (3 levels)
  • Brightness: Selectable (100 levels)
  • Contrast: Selectable (100 levels)
  • Saturation: Selectable (100 levels)
  • Sharpness: Selectable (100 levels)
  • White balance: AWB, AWB-W, Custom 1 – 2, Fine, Shade, Color Temperature (3000K, 5000K, 9000K)
  • Video format: NTSC : 1080p, 720p, 480p / PAL : 1080p, 720p, 576p
  • Video output systems: HDMI, HD-SDI, Composite(BNC)
  • Audio input/output: Input impedance: 40k Ohm / Output impedance: 200 Ohm
  • External interfaces: Ethernet (10Base -T, 100Base-TX, RJ45 connector), RS-485 (Half duplex, Full duplex), External trigger (Day / Night), UHS-1-compatible 8GB+, SD Speed Class 10 or above
  • File recording format: MOV (Video encoding: H.264 compliant, Motion JPEG)
  • Optical zoom: 40x
  • Digital zoom: 1.25x, 1.5x, 1.75x, 2x
  • Focal length: 40 – 1600mm
  • Maximum aperture ratio: 1:8 (40mm), 1:14.8 (1600mm)
  • Minimum object distance (M.O.D): From the front lens: 10m (40 – 800mm in 1/1.8″ equivalent focal length); 20m (801 – 1600mm in 1/1.8″ equivalent focal length)
  • Angle of view 16:9 (H x V): W:21.0 Degree x 11.9 Degree (1.1″ (17.26mm) capture); T: 0.27 Degree x 0.15 Degree (1/1.8″ (8.63mm) capture)
  • Filter thread size: M112 x 1mm
  • Tilt limit: 45 degrees upward – 45 degrees downward
  • Dimensions: 139 x 156 x 450mm
  • Weight: 16.31 lbs / 7.4kg

Turning our attention to another noteworthy release, Canon introduced the RF 100-300mm f2.8 L IS USM telephoto zoom lens to their mirrorless lineup earlier this year in April. This lens holds the promise of elevating the performance of the entire system to new heights. Currently, customers can secure their pre-orders for this exceptional lens on and for $9,499.

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