Fuji X-T4 With five-axis Image Stabilization, Longer Battery, and More

The X-T4 is the new flagship model from Fujifilm with professional equipment for photo and video. Many features that were still missing in the X-T3 are now there, especially the integrated image stabilizer, the further developed shutter, and a new autofocus algorithm that make the Fuji X-T4 even faster.

fuji x-t4

The Fujifilm X-T4 is the first camera in the XT series to be equipped with an integrated image stabilizer. The technology supports the user, for example, when taking pictures in low light or when “moving along” in sports photography. In addition, the image stabilizer enables smooth panning for video recordings and prevents camera shake.

The Fuji XT-4 has a high-resolution 26.1-megapixel X-Trans CMOS 4 sensor with back exposure, which works together with the powerful X processor 4. The new camera has an ultra-fast slit shutter, which is controlled by a newly designed coreless DC motor with, particularly high efficiency. It is designed for 300,000 releases and works about 30 percent quieter than the shutter of the previous model X-T3.

The Fuji XT4 achieves a fast burst image speed of up to 15 frames per second. In live view mode, 8 frames per second with a mechanical shutter and up to 30 frames per second with an electronic shutter are possible without a viewfinder blackout. The release time is also very short at just 0.035 seconds.

fujifilm x-t4

The autofocus of the Fuji XT 4 is even faster than that of the previous model. A new AF algorithm and improved phase detection ensure an AF speed of only 0.02 seconds. Very dynamic subjects are captured with twice the precision and automatically tracked by the camera within the image. The sharpness is reliably tracked for fast series shots. The user also benefits from this when taking portraits and group selfies: According to Fujifilm, with the further developed face and eye-detection AF, the camera tracks the sharpness very precisely even when moving.

The Fuji X-T4 is the first model in the XT series with integrated five-axis image stabilization (IBIS). It brings a shutter speed advantage of up to 6.5 steps when the camera is used with the corresponding XF/XC lenses. Thanks to a new suspension with further developed components and improved gyro sensors, the IBIS is now eight times more precise than in the X-H1, the first camera of the X series with integrated image stabilization, according to the press release from Fujifilm. In addition, the new IBIS system, whose magnetic field-based drive does not require conventional suspension, is about 30 percent smaller and 20 percent lighter.

The Fujifilm XT-4 offers the new film simulation “Eterna Bleach Bypass”, which is based on a visual effect of the analog color film development. The film material was not bleached so that the color and black and white images overlap. The result is a high-contrast, granular image with reduced saturation and low dynamic range.

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The exposure result can be further refined with the XT4 Fuji. The highlighting and shadows in the range from -2 to +4 EV can now be adjusted in 0.5 EV steps (instead of 1.0 EV previously). The white balance offers two new automatic options: “White priority” for a maximum bright white point and “Ambience priority” for a warmer color mood. It is also possible to shoot in two compression levels in RAW mode.

The capacity of the new NP-W235 battery is about 1.5 times that of the previously used battery (NP-W126S). Around 500 photos can be taken with one charge, and the energy-saving economy mode that the Fuji X-T4 offers for the first time increases the yield to around 600 photos. When using the optional battery grip VG-XT4 with two additional batteries, up to 1,700 shots are possible.

The electronic viewfinder and the 7.6 cm touchscreen LCD offer three special options: Low light priority for an easy-to-read display even in dark surroundings, Resolution priority for displaying the finest details and Frame rate priority for a clear viewfinder image when shooting dynamic subjects. The grip has been enlarged, the rear control dial protrudes a bit more from the back of the camera and the eyecup is less likely to come off. The touchscreen LCD can be rotated and swiveled by 270°, making it ideal for creative shots with exceptional perspectives and self-recording use for vloggers.

The Fuji X-T4 is not only suitable for taking photos, but also for demanding videos. Among other things, it offers high-speed recording with 240 full HD images per second, with which extreme slow-motion can be played back with a 10-fold slower motion sequence. In video mode, the mechanical IBIS system is supplemented by electronic image stabilization (DIS), which compensates for unwanted fluctuations particularly effectively. In Stabi-Boost mode, the camera corrects even the finest vibrations, so that a very stable image is achieved even without a tripod.

For video recording, the Fujifilm xt4 camera automatically switches to a separate menu that bundles the video functions. In addition, a separate quick menu (Q) is available in video mode. With the new “Film-Optimized Control” function, the exposure can also be easily and silently adjusted using the selection buttons or the touchscreen.

fujifilm xt4

In order to facilitate the exposure setting for F-Log recordings with low saturation and low contrast, the «F-Log display aid» corrects the monitor image according to the BT.709 standard. The «Film Crop Fix + function ensures a uniform crop factor in all shooting modes so that a change of perspective is avoided when changing to another mode.

The newly designed dual memory card slot allows the parallel recording of two identical video files for backup purposes. The audio input (MIC) now offers two separate options for adjusting the recording level, depending on whether an external microphone or an external audio device (Line In) is used.

Fuji X-T4 Accessories:

Vertical battery grip Fujifilm VG-XT4 with a trigger, focus joystick, AEL button, AF-on button, front and rear dial, quick menu button and Fn button. It has been priced at $329 and now available to pre-order via Bhphotovideo.com online store.

The battery grip is equipped with two NP-W235 batteries for around 1,450 photos. Dual charger BC-W235 to charge two batteries (NP-W235) in parallel. It has been priced at $69.99 and also available to pre-order via Bhphotovideo.com.

The CVR-XT4 cover kit with sync connector cover, hot shoe cover, battery grip connector cover (black and silver), connector cover. It is also listed on the Bhphotovideo store for just $11.99.

The EF-X8 plug -on flash with guide number 11 is now available as an optional accessory. It can also be pre-ordered through Bhphotovideo.com for $39.99.

Price and Availability

The Fuji X-T4 Body has been priced at $1,699, the X-T4 with an 18-55 mm kit at $2,099 and with the 16-80 mm lens kit cost $2,199. It is now available to pre-order through the Bhphotovideo.com store and shipping will begin from April 30th, 2020.

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