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Four New Rode Accessories for Rode VideoMic and Wireless GO

Rode is a popular manufacturer of microphones, wireless radio systems, and audio accessories, has announced four new accessories for its popular Wireless GO radio system and Rode VideoMic on camera microphones. This is a DCS-1 Dual Cold Shoe Mount for mounting two devices on a cold shoe at once, an SC11 Y-Splitter cable for connecting two devices with a 3.5 mm mini-jack output to a single device with a 3.5 mm input, and also very useful in the household, SC10 TRRS and SC16 USB-C cables for connecting Rode microphones to various devices.

Rode VideoMic NTG

DCS-1 Dual Cold Shoe Mount

The idea behind the DCS-1 Cold Shoe mount is simple: it allows 2 cold shoe mounts to be mounted on one camera mount. The mount is made of lightweight aluminum, so it will be durable and inconspicuous, as it is painted black. In addition, the mount has convenient cable management slots.

DCS-1 Dual Cold Shoe Mount

The idea is simple, but you have to pay $15 for convenience, can be purchased through the store. Probably, such mount will come in handy for those who would not like to install the camera in a rig just for the sake of attaching two accessories, besides, not every rig has two cold shoe mounts, you will have to use an additional adapter.

SC11 Y-Splitter Cable

The SC11 is a TRS Y-Splitter cable that connects two mono mini 3.5mm jacks to one stereo 3.5mm jack. The cable will allow two microphones to be connected to one 3.5mm jack on the camera. For example, a cable can be used to connect two Wireless GO receivers or a wireless GO receiver and a Rode VideoMic. The SC11 is 275 mm long and is useful for recording interviews. The input segment is divided into two parts: the black mini-jack records the left channel, the red mini jack records the right one.

SC11 Y-Splitter cable

This cable has also cost $15 and it can be purchased through Everyone who tried to purchase such a splitter knows that it is very difficult to do this, since the scope of the product is very narrow, in other words, such a cable cannot be called “consumer goods”. Such Chinese adapters are not suitable for this purpose. The author of these lines conducted research on this matter and met prices twice as high, but as a result, he acquired a double buttonhole.

SC10 TRRS Cable

The SC10 is the 3.5mm TRRS cable included with the Rode VideoMic NTG and is now sold separately. The cable is 321 mm long and is designed to connect microphones to both cameras and mobile devices. It is compatible with the cable management slots in Rode mounts SM7-R and DCS-1.


The cable costs $25, can be purchased via the store and which once again confirms the fact that Rode products are not cheap at all.

SC16 USB-C Cable

SC16 is a simple USB-C to USB-C cable for connecting Rode microphones with USB-C output to USB-C devices. The cable is equipped with a clip for easy routing and can be used to connect, for example, VideoMic NTG to Android devices. It is also compatible with Wireless GO and NT-USB Mini microphones.


SC16 cable is 300 mm long, one of the connectors is L-shaped. It costs $15 and it is also available to buy on store, so it will be bought by those who, for some reason, are not satisfied with the quality of such cables from China, or who, in principle, would like to connect Rode equipment with a cable with the Rode logo.

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