Fiio FH3 Review: HiFi In Ear Monitor with Good Design, Finishing, and Powerful Sound

FiiO FH3 is the next-Gen In Ear Monitor from its Hybrid line-up with a 10mm beryllium-plated diaphragm dynamic driver and FiiO’s patented balanced pressure relief technology. These earphones will officially replace the current in-ear F9 Pro headset and priced at $130.

Fiio FH3 Review: HiFi In Ear Monitor


Compared to headphones in Fiio’s other entry-level FH1S segment, the FH3 has been upgraded significantly from inside to outside design. The FiiO FH3 shares a common design language with FH5 and FH7. It has a metal housing and waveform pattern. However, the FH3 colors are completely black, different from the FH5’s gray and the FH7’s dark blue.

Fiio FH3 Review: HiFi In Ear Monitor

Inside the FiiO FH3 in ear monitor system is a dynamic driver that is coated with a Beryllium diaphragm surface combined with two Knowles Balanced Armature drivers. The sound chamber structure of the FH3 is also quite interesting when it comes to the S.TURBO acoustic design. This structure was introduced to reduce the high-frequency resonance of the drivers. Besides, the ability to balance the dynamic diaphragm pressure to get a solid and well-controlled bass range. The total length of this tube is 41.5mm running in the small body of the FH3, which is truly remarkable.

The cord that comes with the FiiO FH3 is the FiiO LC-3.5B cord. Includes MMCX connector and a single-ended 3.5mm jack. 

Wear Experience

The metal case, holding the FH3 has a moderate weight, but when worn on the ear, it feels extremely comfortable. Housing is carefully polished, without excess details, sticking close to the ear. The anode layer covering the earphone shell has exceptional quality in this price segment.

Fiio FH3 Review: HiFi In Ear Monitor

We found that we did not feel any tension, we did not feel any fatigue in the ears, we listened to music for about 2 hours and while listening we did the work of reading and typing.


In addition to the 5 albums mentioned above, we also tested FH3 IEMS on a few other Venus Records albums, such as Archie Shapes True Ballads, Rough by Dunk Punk, and The Sivinder by Lee Morgan, with a more general assessment of its sound quality with many different musical styles.

FH3 has a strong, rough, and stout bass. The upper bass has clear lines, striking and heavy, the sub-bass goes very well, hitting the ears very strongly, but a commendable point for FH3 is that this bass bar is completely in the background, not insolent.

This sound quality creates excitement for dynamism as well as a specific baseline of albums that are prone to bouncing like RAM. If you compare this bass with two headphones in the same segment, the Shure SE 215 or the Sennheiser IE 40 Pro. On a personal scale, SE 215 <FH 3 <IE 40 Pro. We think this will match the sound quality of bass music styles, which require thick and strong bass. The SE215 is quite fluffy, sloppy, and lacks detail in the upper bass, slightly encroaching in mid-bass. The IE 40 Pro has a crisp, and dryer bass, a bit flat so it is more suitable for his personal taste.

The second commendable point of FH3 is that the treble is very small, very energetic, and dissolves fairly quickly with good openings. The treble is not harsh, quite easy to listen to, and produces energy in good heights, anyone who listens to Kpop or Jpop music will easily feel satisfied. Anyone who listens to heavy metal music will not see much because it cannot hit the full force of the cymbals.

The mid-bass is moderate, slightly backward, and made sweet, easy to hear, rather than emphasizing the analysis and detachment of details in the midrange.

Final line

Thus, with a price of $129.99 on Amazon, FiiO FH3 In Ear Monitor becomes one of the interesting options for listeners. Low impedance and high sensitivity make it possible to play directly with a music player or plug directly into a high-quality Bluetooth receiver or phone.

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