FiiO FA9 Hands-On: HiFi Earphone with 6 Drivers, MMCX cable

The FiiO FA9 is a HiFi earphone that expresses Fiio’s ambition in the market for high-end universal in-ear headphones with 6 drivers, many customizations, and more specifically, Fiio FA9 allows users to adjust from impedance to bass/treble via the new tuning switch system.

FiiO FA9 review

FA9 has very good machining quality, clear headshell to see the magnificent interior, acrylic used by Fiio from Germany, ensuring no skin irritation. The housing design of the headphones is calculated and processed with the smallest size and volume to bring comfort for everyday use.

FiiO stated that it chose the 3D printing method to preserve the highest accuracy for the FA9 housing design. The FA9 can be worn close to the ear and isolates external noise effectively.

FiiO FA9 Hands-On

The back of FA9 is decorated with eye-catching diamond trim, along with a transparent housing that makes this headset even more charming. The cable connector is also placed in a suitable position so that it will not cause problems when worn or removed. The headset uses a detachable cable with an 8-core design with silver-plated copper crystals and an MMCX connector. The bottom part of the plug is a gold-plated 3.5mm jack.

The 6 Knowles BA driver system will give FA9 the ability to reproduce a very wide sound range, divided into 3 sub-driver clusters including SWFK-31736 (treble-range), EJ-33877 (mid-range) and HODVTEC-31618 (bass-range). According to the parameters provided from FiiO, FA9 gives a frequency response at 15Hz~40kHz with a 4-way crossover setup.

Another special design feature of the FA9 uses an ultra-long sound tube that promises excellent bass performance (designed twisted, hidden inside the housing) with a total length of 80.6mm to achieve a clean and clear bass. Other drivers will also be “navigated” through separate audio tubes.

FA9 does not allow users to adjust the sound quality with filters, instead, users can use the small sound switch to adjust the timbre and impedance. Other specifications of FiiO FA9 include nominal impedance in the range of 16 ~ 32Ω and 110dB sensitivity.

Final line

The quick conclusion is something like that, in terms of predictable sound quality at the time of unboxing, as expected a headphone has a bright, strong midrange, treble is thicker than the FH7, and the bass is tight. Because it has many settings and adjusts the impedance, so today we have just unboxed the FiiO FA9 and will review it in detail later.

The price of Fiio FA9 is $499.99 can be purchased through the, slightly higher than Fiio FH7, priced at $449.99 on Amazon.

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