Fender Tone Master Super Reverb: 4×10 combo weighs only 16 kg!

While the original weighed around 30 kg, the new Fender amp weighs just 16 kg. That can be seen! Fender has added a new model to its Tone Master series: the Tone Master Super Reverb.

Tone Master Super Reverb Fender Amp

The Fender Super Reverb guitar amplifier was originally introduced in 1963 and retired in 1982. The all-tube amplifier had a built-in spring reverb and “vibrato” (actually tremolo). And it is seen by some guitarists as the holy grail of the clean sound. To recreate the sound of the classic original, the new guitar amplifier uses a solid-state design with digital modeling.

The Super Reverb Fender amplifiers were available in two versions – as a blackface and a silver face. The new Fender guitar amps are based on the circuit of the first series with a black front panel ( i.e. blackface ). Of course, Fender claims that it is a “perfect replica”. Even so, we are sure some purists will disagree, no matter how good the sound is in the end!

Given the huge case with four 10″ Jensen P10R speakers, you’d think this combo weighs a ton. It only weighs a respectable 16 kg. That means fewer trips to the chiropractor.

The Fender amp is delivered including a double footswitch and has the standard channels normal and vibrato as well as the familiar operating concept of the original. No displays, no menus. We like this approach very much compared to most modeling guitar amplifiers!

Tone Master Super Reverb Fender Amp

The power is 200 watts, which is intended to simulate the performance of a 45-watt tube amplifier. You can also reduce it to 22, 12, 5, and even 1 watt, which means that the gigantic amplifier can be used practically anywhere.

This is a huge advantage over the original, which is probably too loud at level 1. We are sure that you won’t run out of headroom in a band situation or on stage even without real tubes.

The combo also scores with a balanced XLR line output and built-in impulse responses (IRs) that were recorded with both Shure SM57 and Royer R-121 microphones. This saves long sound checks, always guarantees a constant sound, and facilitates acceptance in the home studio.

As a bass player, we can assure you of one thing: nothing beats membrane surface. Even if you run the amp at room volume, the four speakers will sound more three-dimensional and room-filling than a “measly 1 × 10 combo”.

Fender Tone Master Super Reverb price and availability

The new Fender Tone Master Super Reverb costs $1,199.99 and is already available to pre-order at the Adorama.com website.

Along with this Fender amp, the company has also introduced the Duel Pugilist and Dual Marine Layer guitar effects pedals.

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