Facebook Reaction: Dislike content with 6 different Emoji

For each of content on Facebook, users will be able to react with 6 different emoticons. Last September, Mark Zuckerberg has said is considering the addition of the ‘Dislike’ button next to ‘Like’ button on Facebook. ‘Dislike’ Button is expected to help users with more relaxed in expressing his reaction when the content is not good.Facebook-Reaction--Dislike-content-with-6-different-Emoji

However, it seems that with the diversity of content on Facebook today, a ‘Dislike’ button is not enough. Facebook has officially announced that they will test Facebook Reaction features in Spain and Ireland. Which is allowing users to add new options to express their attitudes as well as their feelings on each content on Facebook.

There will be 6 different Emoji corresponding to each different reactions of the user, such as Love, Haha, Yay, Wow, Sad, Angry (corresponds to: Love, Laughter, Satisfaction, Surprise, Sad and Angry). As we see in the video, It is very convenient to use, there is not any ‘Dislike’ button instead of just press and hold the Like button for 6 different Emoji and share your feelings instantly.

However, this Facebook Reaction yet to fully complete and suitable for all situations. According to BusinessInsider page, in case someone reported on the death of a loved one, the ‘Sad’ button still is not necessarily appropriate in a ‘Like’ button as usual. Meanwhile, perhaps we will need a ‘sympathy’ button.

Anyway, the Facebook Reaction is still in the testing mode. The users in Spain and Ireland are experiencing this Dislike Button Facebook feature on both the PCs and phones.

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