Ecoxgear unveils Durable speakers with Solar panel and Powerbank Functionality

The Ecoxgear firm specialized in the production of shockproof and waterproof speakers has recently introduced four new products includes three Bluetooth speakers and one Powerbank.Ecoxgear-unveils-Durable-speakers-with-Solar-panel-and-Powerbank-Functionality

In particular, Eco Sol Jam waterproof portable Bluetooth speaker with integrated special HD solar panels to charge the battery of the speaker via sun rays. User can also charge the other devices by using this product and is designed according to the standards IPX67 water and shockproof which fit to play in any weather conditions.Eco-Sol-Jam

The EcoCarbon not capable of self-charging as ECO Sol Jam but still can charge for other devices, the features of EcoCarbon that it can float on water and comes with handle for easy handheld or carry while climbing mountain. The Ecoxgear also add a variety of mounting accessories to affix to your tent, bike, or skateboard. The battery in the speakers can be last up to 12 hours, there are LEDs to indicate the remaining battery capacity and LED flashlight at the bottom of the speaker.EcoPebble-Powerbank

The EcoPebble Powerbank comes with a Bluetooth speaker feature, inside it has a 10,400 mAh battery to charge the internal speakers and at the same time for two other devices. Battery of EcoPebble is very good, playing music up to 50 hours with a single charge, enough to entertain during a long journey. The EcoPebble is also waterproof and shock resistant, 200 Lumens brightness LED flashlight so it can be enjoyed while mounting, bicycling, skateboarding, hiking, climbing, camping and surfing. EcoCarbon
​Finally, the EcoCharge Power Bank Portable Charger with a 2.600mAh battery capacity, also has compact, waterproof and shockproof body and easily fits in pockets.

The Ecoxgear EcoCarbon, EcoPebble Powerbank and EcoCharge will be available in next September, while Sol Jam will be available in Q4 2015 for $150. The EcoCarbon priced at $130, EcoPebble Powerbank at $100 and EcoCharge at $20.

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