Save $300 on an EcoFlow Smart Generator and Keep Your Power On During Any Outage

EcoFlow is a company that specializes in portable power stations. Their latest product, the EcoFlow Smart Generator Dual Fuel, is a compact and powerful generator that works with both LPG and petrol and is said to work particularly efficiently as an emergency power device in combination with the manufacturer’s power stations.

EcoFlow Smart Generator Dual Fuel

One of the standout features of the EcoFlow Smart Generator is it can be operated with both petrol and LPG. The power when using petrol is estimated at up to 1,800 watts, the tank holds four liters – from which a total of 5.4 kWh can be generated. If liquid gas is used, the maximum output is estimated at 1,600 watts.

The Dual Fuel Generator is said to have numerous safety mechanisms and therefore, it comes with a carbon monoxide detector. If the temperature is too high, the smart generator should switch off automatically, and if the load is too high, users are warned first.

The EcoFlow generator can be started in four different ways. A classic pull-rope starter is installed, but the system can also be started by simply pressing a button. Activation using an app is also possible. As usual, the pull starter is designed as the last option if the other options fail.

In combination with a Delta Pro, Delta 2, Delta Max, or Power Kits power station, the start is also possible automatically if the power station’s charge level falls below a certain value. In this way, the supply can be conveniently automated in an emergency or even in remote locations – the entire system can then not only bridge hours as a UPS, but even days by recharging. The charging of EcoFlow Power Stations should also result in a high level of efficiency, Ecoflow speaks of a 40 percent saving.

EcoFlow Smart Generator price and availability

The EcoFlow Smart Generator Dual Fuel is available for $1,299 on with up to $300 OFF and extra savings.

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