Divoom Aurabox Bluetooth Portable Speaker with LED panel to create Pixel Animation

A very attractive, quite handy, a Divoom Aurabox Bluetooth Portable Speaker. In addition to play music via Bluetooth connection or 3.5mm jacks, the AuraBox also has LED panel on the front with up to 100 LEDs, allowing us to use it as a desk clock, lamp, showpiece or fun with its LED customizable graphics. The Divoom Aurabox is now being discounted up to $41 on Amazon and sold for $58.90.Divoom Aurabox Bluetooth

Talking about its design, this Divoom Bluetooth Speaker has a quite neat square box which is quite different from the Divoom Voombox travel – outdoor speakers. A lower left side and right back are coated with a layer of rubber. All the controls are arranged on the top edge, including Bluetooth connectivity cum power button, volume up or down and switch front LED lighting effects. All these key symbols are carved into the surface of the speaker and very easy to identify. If you can see next to the power button there is a small hole for the mic, allowing us to receive calls and conversation in hands-free mode.Divoom-Aurabox-Wireless-Portable-Speaker

With a thickness of 50mm, we have a music box is quite compact and weighs only 150 grams can say that it’s very easy to hold in the palm, comfortably put into a backpack and move. Also note that the front LEDs panel is detached from the body of the speaker and in between it makes a layer of rubber to absorb the shock. On the back, we have a huge speaker with protective metal grille, 3.5mm jack and MicroUSB port for charging. Inside it has a 3″ 5-watts speaker, frequency response 60Hz-20kHz and signal processing Noise – ≥75 dB.Divoom-Aurabox-Price

Divoom Aurabox LED Speaker packs a 2000mAh battery which can deliver music playback time up to 6 hours. And new to say about this speaker, LED panel with 100 lights in the front. The each LEDs are placed in square shape protected by a rubber coating to absorb accidentally fall or pressure.Divoom-Aurabox-Specifications-

When compared to the JBL Pulse LEDs effect are arranged in the small mesh to create the amby effect while the Divoom Aurabox LEDs are made bigger, to feel like the Pixel game with big and boxy shape. It’s compatible with Android and iOS system to connect via Bluetooth 4.0 and also use mobile application to change the LEDs effect, control music playback and alarm functions with lighting effects. When turn on the music with colorful emanating effects looks very attractive.Divoom-Aurabox-Speaker-with-LED-panel

The Divoom Aurabox Bluetooth notification system as an incoming call, messages, social notifications along with a corresponding symbol displayed by the LED panel which quite fun for users. In the application, we have a library with lots of beautiful images that will be displayed as pixels on the LED panel, with both stills and animations like GIF files. And user can draw their own image separately to display it on the speaker. About the ability to play music, it’s really not too heavy set, but looks very cute and quite fun to play with it. Notably, the relatively loud volume (of course, from over 80%, the sound will deteriorate).

In general, the ability to play music with flashy LEDs which literally serve the fun and versatility of it. We think this could be a pretty good gift for your girlfriend when she’s angry on you or not in mood, set the heart image with a few love notes on the LED display and play a love song, she will happily accept your apology with just one word “oh baby”.

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