ddHiFi Janus Review: Unique In-Ear Monitor for Soft Music

If you are new to audio and want to buy your first headset, then ddHiFi Janus might not be the right choice. However, for those of you who have played with audio toys before and also have some headphones, then ddHiFi will be a very notable In-Ear monitor for them if you like exotic and sweet tones.

ddHiFi Janus Review: Unique In-Ear Monitor for Soft Music

If you’re new to ddHiFi, this is a relatively young audio brand that primarily produced audio accessories, and ddHiFi Janus is the first earphones with an MMCX connector from the brand. And revealed that ddHiFi was founded based on a set of former employees of FiiO.

In terms of specificity, ddHiFi should be the first headset to use both the MMCX and 2-pin 0.78 connectors. Not only can you play almost all types of wires on the market today, but any type of Bluetooth module can also be mixed. This is a huge amount of money for ddHiFi Janus In-Ear monitor.

It is convenient to be able to use two different types of connectors, but a major disadvantage of the ddHiFi Janus is that the cord comes with a 2.5 mm balanced jack. This means that if you want to use a regular 3.5 mm jack on devices you will need to change the cable or use an additional connector that switches from 2.5 mm to 3.5 mm. If you have tried DAC/Amp or audio player with a 2.5 mm port, this is great, but for beginners, this 2.5 mm port is still unknown.

ddHiFi Janus Review: Unique In-Ear Monitor for Soft Music

The feeling of this baby is also very soft and easy to wear, it does not seem too difficult. The accessories are also fully equipped with a headset case, clip cord, and eartips. However, in ddHiFi Janus review, we should talk about the sound quality of the product.

Whether it is priced at $199.99 or not, as well as many fierce competitors and impressive sound quality that is less than $200 such as the Sennheiser, or the FiiO.

Many of you will be very confused as there is only one dynamic driver inside this headset, then many of you will also wonder about the detail or negative color. We would then like to confirm that single dynamic headphones in this segment often have more details than their rivals, most commonly the FiiO FH3 (Review).

ddHiFi Janus Review: Unique In-Ear Monitor for Soft Music

A little different from the FH3 Pro, the Janus has a slightly sweet and smooth bias sound, lacking some firm and force in the volatile bass range. So we think ddHiFi Janus would best to listen to music that is gentle and melodious without requiring too much or high tempo in the bass range.

Acoustic soft songs like “Too Good At Goodbyes” or Say You Want Let Go” on Janus In-Ear monitor still bring a smile to our face due to a sweet and smooth tonal color. It sounds very sweet to listen to. Many other earphones of the same mediocrity mostly emphasize the bass range but one very important thing to forget is music.

The neo-classical and instrumental music is also quite good on Janus, listening with a smooth feel. Janus’ bass band has a slightly shallow feeling, especially for classical or large operas.

A little bit about pairing, it is true that this headset uses a stock 2.5 mm cord, so if you can choose for yourself a DAC/AMP or DAP device that has a 2.5 mm port available well as there is also a slightly darker tone, and this headset is slightly thicker to give it more warmth.

If you are looking to improve to hear the noise, you can choose to mix with the sound color a bit quickly and bounce to improve the bass range.

We think you should upgrade hardware devices such as DAC / Amp or DAP instead of upgrading more and more spiritual things like earpieces or guides, although there are improvements but significantly less.

Final line

We talk directly about neutrality and details, this German headset is much better, if you compare it to FiiO FH3, ddHiFi Janus In-Ear monitor has a lower bass range. So what profit or loss you will get from this will be your individual decision.

If you are still considering ddHiFi Janus (priced at $199.99 on Amazon) then it is best to bring your stuff up and listen to it as we would not recommend the headset for everyone. But Janus still has a strange, unique, and significant beauty that is rich in music and easy to listen to.

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