CSGO Gambling Is The Next Craze

You hear it often “csgo is dead” well looking at the numbers, Counter-Strike:Global Offensive is still going strong with a current average playerbase of 562,215 people, last peak with 1,305,714 players was in april 2020. So thinking CS:GO is dead is a bit of a stretch but yes it has slowed down quite a bit, after all this is a 10 year old title. Info via : Steamcharts


The economy of Counter-Strike:Global Offensive

With the popularity of this title there are also a lot of other people that like a piece of the pie, this is where the CS:GO Skin Marketplace comes in. The most expensive skin trade was for a mere 780K USD. This was a face-to-face trade that included an Ak-47 Case Hardened and the sniper rifle AWP Dragon Lore (factory new), this trade happened in China.The CSGO fans now wait for $1 million to be cracked. Even with “youtube cs:go investors” popping up in the scene, telling you how to buy skins and hold on and then sell them for a profit, etc.

So yes if it wasn’t for the economy behind the game keeping people invested, the title might have died out 5 years ago for other titles like Valorant, PUBG or Fortnite.

CS:GO Casino’s and Gambling

CS:GO casino’s and gambling are great ways to flip skins for profits or just get sweet skins to add to your collection, the appeal of this is that, it is easy to get into, cheap and convenient. The way you can get great deals or get your hand on skins is through utilising welcome bonuses and promo codes on different gamble services for cs:go.

The team over at csgoradar.com have hooked us up with these amazing Farmskins promotional codes.

What makes people drawn to this craze?

Getting a great deal, picking up that new fresh look for your weapons always is great. But being able to do this cheaply and easily wasn’t always the case. Steam used to have trade windows of 7 days in place and made trades and buying stuff was quite a hassle. But casino’s and different services really have turned this for the better.

Also the video game Counter-Strike Global Offensive is quite accessible for any gamer since the low computer requirements. So pretty much any computer can run a title like this. Look at our overview of this budget friendly laptop which runs CS:GO flawlessly!

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