Canon Can add Fingerprint Sensors to its Cameras and Lenses!!

Canon has licensed the fingerprint sensor system for both cameras and lenses. Today’s fingerprint sensors are very popular, not only for security purposes but also for extending their functionality.

canon camera

This could be the first step for Canon to get out of technological lag over Sony, Fujifilm or Nikon. As described in the description, the fingerprint sensor is placed on the camera handle and to the right of the lens. Specifically, the design is not clear. However, we anticipate few cases such as:

Canon Fingerprint Sensor Cameras and Lenses

  • For security, do not allow strangers to use your camera and view your photos.
  • If the camera is stolen, the camera still remains encrypted and safe until your fingerprints are unlocked.
  • To expand the feature: If Sony has a Fn button on the lens body, the fingerprint sensor is also active.
  • You can switch focus quickly with the zoom lens, switch between the anti-shake modes, What you need is to assign features for each specific fingerprint to activate when needed.


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