New Flagship with Many Features: Canon 1DX Mark III Announced: Pre-Order Offer

Canon is using the beginning of 2020 to present the EOS-1D X Mark III DSLR camera. Canon slightly changed the housing of the body, and the hardware inside has been significantly improved. The new technology includes a new full format class CMOS sensor. According to Canon, this can be read out faster, has a larger dynamic range and, thanks to optimized noise suppression, ensures fewer interference pixels even at high ISO levels.

canon 1dx mark iii

ISO 100 to ISO 102.400 can be selected as sensor sensitivities, with the extensions equivalent ISO 50 to ISO 819.200 can be achieved. Canon has not increased the resolution compared to the previous model, but the detail reproduction of the Canon 1DX Mark III should still be visibly better.

This is ensured by a new low-pass filter (High Detail Low-Pass Filter) that avoids moirés, but should not have a negative impact on image sharpness. Canon is also breaking new ground in file formats. In addition to JPEG and RAW, you can now also choose HEIF (High-Efficiency Image File Format). This file format is currently only known from Apple’s iPhones. HEIF files have a significantly smaller file size, show fewer compression artifacts and, thanks to 10bit, contain more information than conventional JPEG photos. It is not yet known how the images are processed in practice with the common software solutions.

Canon 1DX Mark III comes with a completely overhauled and comprehensive Auto Focus system for the user with the need for speed. Using the traditional optical viewfinder, the camera has the ability to capture up to 16 fps (mechanical shutter) with reduced time lag and image blackout. When in Live View AF/AE tracking is supported during high-speed burst shooting with the ability to capture up to 20 fps (mechanical or electronic shutter) in both RAW and RAW + JPEG file format. Canon has developed the relevant components so that 16 fps can be achieved using the optical viewfinder.

canon eos 1dx mark iii

The autofocus system is also completely new: it works with so-called square pixel design and has a resolution 28 times higher than that of the previous model. A total of 191 focus areas are available, 155 of which are cross sensors. In combination with revised AF algorithms and the use of deep learning, the AF system is said to achieve unprecedented results. The focus calculations are carried out by a dedicated Digic-8 processor, the new light meter with 400,000 pixels adds additional data. In live view mode, there are 3,860 focus positions to choose from. In addition to face and eye detection, which is now standard, there is also head detection.

To make the camera even easier to use, Canon has installed a new smart controller in the EOS-1D X Mark III. This has been integrated into the AF-ON button and detects finger movements by optical detection. This means that the focus point can be quickly moved when using the AF-ON button, and the controller should work without any problems even when wearing gloves. The video function of the Canon 1D X Mark III also takes a step forward. The 4K recording with 60 frames per second already supported the Canon EOS-1D X Mark II, but the new flagship has much more to offer. As the first SLR camera from Canon, the Canon 1D X Mark III Store 5.5K RAW videos with 12bit. The camera records video in 4K resolution with or without a crop, and storage is possible with Canons log style, among other things.

canon 1dx iii

Canon relies on a dual CFexpress interface so that the huge amounts of data during photo and video recording can be “transported” quickly. This enables more than 1,000 images (RAW) in a row. Canon continues to use a pentaprism model for the viewfinder, the permanently installed touch display resolves 2.1 million subpixels. Data transmission and remote control are of course possible via WLAN and Bluetooth, which can be done by cable using Gigabit Ethernet. Since the DSLR is aimed at professional photographers, various transmission features (e.g. use as an SFTP server) have been integrated.

Price and Availability

The Canon 1D X Mark III will be available from February 2020 for $6,499 with a 64GB CFexpress card and a suitable card reader included via and online stores.

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In spite of the increased performance, Canon indicates the battery life of its new flagship with 2,850 captures, illuminated buttons should ensure a high level of user comfort. The WFT-E9A WLAN transmitter is available as an accessory for $649.99 through and This means that even more network features are available.

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