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Bosshifi B3 Review: Wooden Hybrid Headphones

We’re no strangers to the advantages of hybrid-driver technology in earphones, having reviewed Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD hybrid headphones, the next pair of dual-driver hybrid in-ears Bosshifi B3 review. This system makes use of dynamic as balanced armature drivers to create elaborate sound.

BOSSHIFI Earphones

Inside the Box

A total of six ear-tips are included in the box, including doubled-flanged and foam options. A small case, airplane adapter, shirt clip and 1/4″ to 3.5mm pins have also been included in the sales package.


When it comes to looks and build, the Bosshifi B3 is not much attractive. The ear casings are separated in two parts, first is wood and metal with a dull gold finish, thanks to wooden headphones look more classy in that sense. They’re incredibly small and compact for casings that contain two distinct drivers. The ‘L’ and ‘R’ markings are on the small plastic bits right where the cables enter the casings. On the whole, the B3 is compact and well built.

BOSSHIFI B3 headphones

The Y-splitter, cable and 3.5mm jack are equally good. The cable is rubber, it’s copper colored TPE wrapped cable gives you the impression that it’s metal finish. This also keeps it strong and resistant to strain. The cable itself is tough and resistant to noise but is extremely tangle prone.


Fit is great additionally, a lot of ear tips are enclosed within the package. The foam ear tips offered the best comfort in our opinion, however, if you favor silicone tips then there are many those enclosed as well. The earphones are light-weight about 18 grams and comfy to wear as a result.



The Bosshifi B3 is a dual-driver hybrid headphones, combining the skills of one balanced armature driver associated with an 8mm dynamic driver in each ear casing. Frequency response ranges from 20Hz-20000Hz, sensitivity is rated at 103dB, and impedance measures in at 16 Ohms. The Bosshifi earphones feature a 1.2m cable. The lower half of the frequency range is handled by the dynamic driver, whereas the higher is handled by the balanced armature driver.

BOSSHIFI Hybrid Headphones

The balanced armature drivers deliver detailed highs and mids, though this additionally results in some sharpness within the tone. The dynamic drivers deliver the low frequencies with spectacular tightness. There’s an awful distinction within the sound coming back from the both drivers, and you’ll be able to clearly tell them apart as you listen.

Fine line

This is the second pair of hybrid-driver earphones we’ve reviewed recently, and the technology is yet to disappoint us. The Bosshifi B3 implements the idea of using balanced armature and dynamic drivers together capably and efficiently. Although the excitement and the drive of the Bosshifi B3 and Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD aren’t quite matched, there is definitely more accurate mid-range tone on Hybrid Pro HD.

BOSSHIFI B3 Earphones

This is the second pair of hybrid-driver headphones we’ve reviewed recently, and therefore the technology is nevertheless to disappoint us. The Bosshifi B3 implements the thought of using balanced armature and dynamic drivers along aptly and expeditiously. Although the joy and the drive of the Bosshifi B3 and Xiaomi Hybrid Pro HD are not quite matched, there’s positively more power and precise mid-range tone on Hybrid Pro HD.

Bosshifi B3 is compact, light and comfortable to wear, a wide variety of ear tips will ensure that fit is not a problem and price is only $36.90.

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