Boss RE-202 and RE-2 Space Echo Pedals in Modern Style

Boss has introduced Boss RE202 and RE-2 space echo pedals for the guitar world. The new Boss space echo pedal RE-2 is coming, and the great surprise is also a big Boss RE-202.

Boss space echo pedal RE-2

Boss RE-2

The smaller of the two new Boss Space Echo effect pedals offer the typical Boss form factor: indestructible, small housing with dual mono input and dual-mono outputs. There is also a CTL/EXP connection and an additional function of the footswitch, which, in addition to On/Off, also controls “Set Tempo”. In addition, there is finally a buffered bypass (but no switch to “True”). But overall much better than the first digital Space Echo from Boss.

There are also a total of 7 pots, 3 of which are stacked: Echo / Reverb, Intensity / Tone, Repeat Rate / Wow & Flutter, and the mode, which can be selected from 11 types. Unfortunately, there is no indicator of which virtual read/write heads are active here, the only thing that helps is to memorize or listen to the manual. As usual, it can also be powered by a battery.

Boss RE-2 costs $249.99, and it can be pre-ordered on the and websites.

Boss RE-202

The larger of the two Boss space echo has a few more features. Boss even reveals how A/D is converted: at 48 kHz and 24 bit with Adaptive Focus, an in-house technology that increases the signal-to-noise ratio. D/A conversion then happens at 32 bits – and signal processing at 32 bits FP.

Boss space echo pedal RE-202

The Boss RE-202 offers 12 reverb/delay modes, but a lot more compared to the small RE-2. The housing is not only larger but also offers more functions: 3 footswitches, each with a second mode: on/off and warp, memory, reverb, tap, and twist. Memory is also a catchphrase that leads us to an important asset of the large model: MIDI. 127 memory locations can be occupied and managed via MIDI In and Out on the back. There is also a USB port.

Unfortunately, Boss slept a bit here: MIDI is designed as a mini-jack, there would have been enough space for a 5-pin DIN connection, and USB is designed as Micro-USB, type B, instead of the newer USB-C standard, which is currently established everywhere. In addition, only the firmware can be updated via USB.

But there is more flexibility with the controls: All potentiometers are designed individually, and in addition to the RE-2 there is also bass and treble EQ, the mode selector has 12 modes and uses LEDs to indicate which (virtual) reading heads are active. There’s also built-in saturation and the ability to change the tape sound from New to Aged. The input signal can also be switched between the guitar (HiZ) and line, which makes the RE-202 interesting for all instruments and studio use. For the comparatively small surcharge, there are several useful features on top.

Boss RE-202 costs $399.99, and it can be pre-ordered on the and websites.

Earlier this year, Boss introduced the new GX-100 (approx. $600 on Bhphotovideo) guitar effects processor, which seems a bit narrower and higher than that of the GT-1000. A total of 23 amplifiers and more than 150 effect pedals are available, which can be virtually wired in 15 blocks.

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