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Boss OC-5 Octave Pedal with Mono and Poly modes: Price and Availability

When it comes to octaves, Boss is right at the forefront and introduced the now legendary OC-2 in 1982. Over the years, the OC-3 followed with the poly mode. And now the logical successor follows the Boss OC-5 with the best of both predecessors and a completely new feature. For us already the best octaves from the house. But one after the other.

Boss OC-5 Octave Pedal

What is always missing from the OC-2? Apart from the availability in general and the often cheeky used prices, the features that Boss later installed in the OC-3, specifically the poly mode. The Boss OC-5 has both the legendary mono mode from the 2 and the poly mode from the 3.

The controls have only changed a little compared to the direct predecessor. There are still four controls, new is the slider or toggle switch, which Boss connoisseurs will know from the Waza pedals. It switches the mode between mono and poly. Incidentally, the tracking inside has been improved and should no longer be so glitchy. We never liked it, but we can understand if you regret the “feature”.

The big feature is the +1 Oct knob, which has found its place next to Dry, -1 Oct, and -2 Oct and thus makes the pedal really interesting. Fortunately, the “mode control” from the predecessor has disappeared and the volume is only controlled directly again.

In addition to the input for guitar and bass, Boss has also opted for output and a direct out (without effect). It’s a shame that there is again no dry/wet expression port. That would have made the pedal perfect for us. Even so, it will definitely be on our playlist.

Price and availability

The Boss OC-5 can be pre-ordered through the for $129.99 only. We think that’s a very fair price. Electro-Harmonix is still a long time coming with the PitchFork+, Digitech has not changed anything in terms of whammy since the ricochet, and there is hardly a pedal in the size that offers 3 parallel octave sounds up and down simultaneously. The Joyo XVI can only do 2 and the Nano POG as well.

So, Boss, you did everything right. And if you have built-in an expression input, then it will become a Signature Edition.

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