Bose brings L1 Pro Series Line Array Wireless Speaker System for Singers, Bands, and DJs

The Bose L1 Pro series is here. Five new wireless speaker system models are being launched for singers, bands, and DJs who not only want to get a place on stage with their sound quality and a decent bass pound. You also score with flexibility, app control, and mobility.

Bose L1 Pro Series Line Array Wireless Speaker System

Depending on the PA speakers model, three L1 Pro Portable Line Array Systems, namely Bose L1 Pro8, L1 Pro16, and L1 Pro32, indifferent performance classes would like to be used for small singer-songwriter performances, for mobile DJs or band gigs up to larger festivals or for the Recommend club. In addition, two subwoofers SUB1 and SUB2 in RaceTrack woofer design are available, which provide additional thrust.

The Bose speaker sound systems have integrated mixers with equalizers, reverb effects, and Bluetooth connectivity. Two 6.35 mm XLR combo inputs with phantom power and one 3.5 mm aux input are available for connecting instruments, mics, and other sources. There is also an XLR line out and a ToneMatch connection for integrating a Bose T4S or T8S mixer. Another option is remote control via iOS and Android: With the Bose Control App, you can mix the sound from virtually anywhere on the venue. 

BOSE L1 Pro8

The Bose L1 Pro8 is the smallest system available and with dimensions of 200 x 31.8 x 44.0 cm and a weight of 17.65 kg, it is particularly portable and quick to set up. It is primarily aimed at artists in small venues such as cafes and the like. The C-shaped line array wireless speaker system is equipped with 8 2-inch neodymium drivers, the integrated subwoofer comes with a 7 × 13-inch high-excursion RaceTrack driver that goes down to 45 Hz. The integrated class D amplifier provides 60 W for mids/treble, 240 W for bass – all in all 300 W with a maximum SPL of 112 dB (Cont.) / 118 dB (Peak). The beam angle is 180 ° H +/- 20 ° V.

It is now available to pre-order on Bhphotovideo for $1,199.

BOSE L1 Pro16

The middle wireless speaker system has an output of 1250 W (mid/high 250 W, bass 1000 W) and uses a J-shaped articulated line array sound systems with 16 × 2 inch drivers and a sub with 10 x 18-inch woofer at 42 Hz lowest Frequency. The maximum sound pressure level is specified as a 124 dB peak (118 dB cont.). The beam angle is 180 ° H x 0 / -30 ° V and the weighs 24.8 kg.

It is also available to pre-order on Bhphotovideo for $1,799.

BOSE L1 Pro32

Bose L1 Pro Series Line Array Wireless Speaker System

The L1 Pro32 is available in two versions, one with SUB1 and one with SUB2. A full 32 neodymium drivers shake hands, the separate SUB1 subwoofer uses a 7 × 13-inch high-excursion RaceTrack driver (connected with just one cable via SubMatch). The power is specified as 960 watts, with 480 W being allocated to the mids and highs and 480 W being planned for the bass. The radiation angle is 180 ° H x 0 ° V. The SPL max is numbered at 117 dB (Cont.) And 123 dB (Peak), the lowest frequency is 40 Hz.

The Bose L1 Pro Sub1 cost $799 and it can be pre-ordered through the website.

The Pro32 SUB2 combination with the 10x 18-inch woofer goes down to 37 Hz in the bass range and increases 1480 watts (mid/treble 480 W, bass 1000 W) at 128 dB (peak) sound pressure level (122 dB (cont.). There are carrying bags for the array and stand as well as covers for the bass.

The Bose L1 Pro Sub2 is also available to pre-order on Bhphotovideo for $1,199.

With the new products, Bose wants nothing less than to bring its portable wireless speaker system into a new era. The previous series has already impressed us that they can play at a high level of sound. The sales charts of online retailers also prove this. Sure, the price is not without, there are much cheaper best surround sound systems, especially when it comes to the smaller column combinations. In terms of flexibility and possibilities, Bose’s new PA speakers set a further exclamation point in addition to the sound and it will be interesting to see when you will meet the first models in the wild.

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