Bluetooth Wireless Headphones: Best to Buy

The Bluetooth wireless headphones are now the object of desire of all those who love to play sports without having too many threads scattered around or TV listening on the sofa. We are in a historical period in which the cable is becoming an element of too many, and many manufacturing companies are slowly making the audio jack disappear from their smartphones. Finally, after the presentation of the Apple AirPods, the concept of Bluetooth wireless headphones has once again revolutionized, causing in many people the need to have a pair of wireless headphones for tv listening, listen to music or sports.


The quality of Bluetooth audio has come a long way, although sound lovers continue to prefer wired headphones because they are of slightly higher quality. However, if you are looking for a pair of tv wireless headphones that are more comfortable than performing, a Bluetooth headset is just what you need.

Some headphones – in general, the most expensive – are equipped with active noise cancellation: of course, we will also propose models of this kind and we will never forget to select those models that have excellent sound quality, good comfort, and ease of use.

If you are looking for Over-ear headphones (wired) or True Wireless Earbuds, we advise you to consult the corresponding guides on our site. Keep in mind that when it comes to these types of earphones, the microphone will never be really excellent, the battery will not last longer than a headphone and it is likely that you will pay a lot more money to achieve similar or slightly lower performance than the chosen headphones below.

Another thing to remember: Bluetooth wireless headphones for tv listening or using a computer or mobile devices are great, but not all TVs are compatible with Bluetooth. Unless you have a receiver that can pair up with Bluetooth headphones, you will need a transmitter to let the sound out of your TV and play it over the headphones, and only one person at a time can listen to the TV. In addition, Bluetooth can have a latency that can cause a delay between video and sound. Generally, it is rather small, often imperceptible, but some detail-oriented people may find the effect irritating.

The kind of headphones that will be presented in this guide is those of the arc ones, which are on-ear or over-ear. Certainly they cannot be considered as Bluetooth sports headphones, as they are not waterproof and the headband is not exactly the most suitable or comfortable thing for Bluetooth sports headphones. But if you are not interested in sport, then you will not have any problems and you can use the models presented both as Bluetooth iPhone and Android headphones, without limitations.

Bluetooth Wireless Headphones: Our Selection

Here we are finally on the list of the best Bluetooth wireless headphones! As we had already anticipated, we wanted to look for Bluetooth headphones that fit well not only for all budgets but above all also for the possible uses that you will have to make. In fact, for each of them, we will indicate the main features and will be sorted by price.

Mpow H7

[amazon box=”B07C48ZYXR” /]

If you want to spend very little, here is Mpow, comes forward a famous Chinese brand on Amazon. This interesting model of cheap wireless headphones has a declared 15-hour battery, decent audio quality, and an ergonomic design, with an over-ear design and a microphone for making calls. At the modest sum of around $25, these H7s could make the joy of those who can’t afford much but still, look for a reliable product.

Sony WH-CH500

[amazon box=”B07KY2S9XM” /]

Raising the price bar a little, we find these very interesting Sony wireless headphones. They are particularly interesting because they are quite complete. In addition to having Bluetooth, they also have the ability to connect to various devices via NFC. There is no lack of a microphone for calls, and the sound quality is more than good. Even the battery life is more than 20 hours, which is also excellent. Sony is present in almost all price ranges as far as headphones are concerned, and very often it manages to offer the best products, so much so that this is not the only Sony headset you will find in this guide.

Also available for purchase at

JBL Tune500BT

[amazon box=”B07NDM2QHM” /]

JBL is a brand the provides excellent sound performance for practically all the products offered. Following the successful Tune450BT model, these JBL wireless headphones are a natural evolution, with a slightly better design as well as sound, which was already excellent in the previous model. Obviously there is no microphone for calls and the battery of the headphones is declared at 16 hours. The price at which they are offered is really interesting, and actually currently lower than the Tune450BT, so if you are convinced this purchase will certainly not disappoint you.

Also available for purchase at

Sennheiser HD 4.40

[amazon box=”B01MSZSJE9″ /]

Sennheiser is certainly a brand that needs no introduction. For some years now, this company among the leaders in the sector has started producing Bluetooth wireless headsets, with some success given the know-how in the audio sector that few companies have. This HD 4.40s Sennheiser wireless headphones have excellent sound quality are equipped with Bluetooth 4.0 and NFC for a quick pairing, and of course, there is no lack of a microphone for calls. After all, the price is also honest, so it’s definitely a great buy to make.

Also available for purchase at

Sony WH-CH700N

[amazon box=”B079GPFLT1″ /]

Here is another Sony wireless headphones model that could really make you happy. The reasons are many, starting from the exceptional battery life of about 35 hours, truly out of the ordinary even for a higher-end headset. Beyond that, these WH-CH700Ns are the first lottery headphones to feature active noise cancellation, convenient even to isolate themselves from the world when in noisy environments. The price of these headphones often fluctuates on Amazon and always goes between $150 to $198, but the price is always excellent for what is offered.

Also available for purchase at

Bose SoundLink On-Ear

[amazon box=”B00M58CMYC” /]

Finally a pair of Bose wireless headphones, and let’s start with these small Bose SoundLink On-Ear. These Bose Bluetooth headphones at low prices they are practically impossible to find, but the reason is obvious: they are among the best products you can find on the market. Bose has existed for decades now and has always brought real pearls of audio. This small model of the on-ear type carries the excellent audio quality, a true signature, and guarantee of Bose, which many would like from a headset. Definitely a product recommended for lovers of the brand and not.

Also available for purchase at

Audio-Technica ATH-M50XBT

[amazon box=”B07HKVCVSY” /]

These Audio-Technica headphones are a wireless version of the popular ATH-M50x Professional Studio Monitor Headphones. Obviously, being wireless, these headphones cannot be called monitors, but high fidelity can still be found in this excellent model. The price is not the lowest, but it could really be worth it.

Also available for purchase at

Sennheiser Momentum 2.0

[amazon box=”B00SNI44CQ” /]

Another Sennheiser wireless headphones could not be missed. This model happens to the much-loved original Momentum, and in version 2.0 the package is improved even more. Now at these prices, the excellent audio quality is discounted, you just need to know that at this price these Momentum 2.0 are among the best Bluetooth wireless headphones you can buy.

Also available for purchase at

Sennheiser PXC 550

[amazon box=”B01E3XLNA0″ /]

The latest Sennheiser model that you will find in this guide is these PXC 550, the top of the range in the brand’s wireless sector. Here we also find an excellent sound quality, in addition, high-quality adaptive noise suppression, Bluetooth 4.2, NFC, microphone, in short, a truly complete package. The price may not be for everyone, but still less than the next two headphone models.

Also available for purchase at

Bose QuietComfort 35 II

[amazon box=”B0756CYWWD” /]

We arrived in the Olympus of Bluetooth headphones, and these Bose QuietComfort 35 II surely belong to you. With one of the best audio outputs on the market, in Bose style, and an incredible noise reduction, there is nothing that cannot please you this model, of course, price aside.

Also available for purchase at

Sony WH1000XM3

[amazon box=”B07G4MNFS1″ /]

The last iteration of the 1000X series from Sony, this M3 model is the best you can find, without ifs or buts. No one has the adaptive noise cancellation that this pair of headphones has, just as nobody has the possibility to adjust it from the app, based on the context in which it is found. We are not talking about sound performance, which is absolutely exceptional. In short, it is true wireless headphones will never be suitable for audiophiles, but for this model, they too could give us a little thought perhaps.

Also available for purchase at

Best-selling Bluetooth Wireless Headphones

At the end of our Bluetooth wireless headphones guide, let’s take a quick look at the best-selling ones on Amazon! Specifically, below you can see a list (which updates itself every day) of the 10 bestsellers on; be careful though, the fact that they are the most sold does not mean that they are the best to buy!

[amazon bestseller=”Bluetooth Wireless Headphones” items=”10″]

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