Audeze launches Maxwell Gaming Headset with Bluetooth 5.3 and 90mm Planar Magnetic Drivers

Audeze announced its latest wireless gaming headphones, the Maxwell. This closed-back Bluetooth gaming headset can be used wired or wirelessly (via Bluetooth 5.3) and features 90mm planar magnetic drivers. The microphone is a detachable cardioid designed by Shure.

Audeze Maxwell Bluetooth gaming headset

The Audeze Maxwell is a gaming wireless headset that can be used with consoles or PCs. Two models will be available at the launch of the headset: one for the Xbox which “includes the first self-activating Dolby Atmos license” (according to Audeze), and one for the PlayStation, which supports Tempest 3D Audio. Both versions can be used with a PC.

The Maxwell Audeze headphones can connect wirelessly via Bluetooth 5.3 LE and supports various codecs including LC3, LC3Plus, SBC, AAC, and LDAC. It has a 1800mAh battery which Audeze claims lasts over 80 hours at 80dB. Charging from 0 to 100% takes approximately 2.5 hours via the included 9-watt charger

Maxwell Bluetooth gaming headset can also connect via USB and supports lossless audio up to 24-bit 96KHz, but only in wired mode. The Audeze headphone offer noise reduction with Audeze’s AI-powered noise filtration, powered by an array of 5 built-in microphones. It will also come with a detachable cardioid boom microphone designed by Shure.

Audio-wise, the Maxwell wireless gaming headphones have a closed over-ear design and house 90mm planar magnetic drivers. The headphone’s frequency response spans from 10Hz to 50,000Hz. The ear cups are lined with synthetic leather filled with memory foam which Audeze says creates “first-rate passive noise isolation.” The ear cups are secured by a steel headband and an adjustable synthetic strap. The set weighs approximately 490 g.

Maxwell is compatible with virtually any electronic device that supports audio via USB or Bluetooth, including PCs, Macs, smartphones, PS5, Xbox Series X, and Nintendo Switch.

Audeze Maxwell price and release date

Audeze expects to ship Maxwell Bluetooth gaming headset sometime in January. The PlayStation version retails for $299, while the Xbox model retails for $329 (due to the included Dolby Atmos license), and both can be purchased on online store.

Earlier this year, Sony introduced three new top noise cancelling headphones that offer some interesting features when used with a PlayStation 5. Thanks to a special app for Windows, the PS5 headphones are also aimed at PC gaming enthusiasts. The top gaming headset wireless model offers ANC and RGB lighting.

The new Sony InZone gaming headsets are available on the and websites. The InZone H3 starts at a recommended retail price of $98 / £89, the H7 is offered for a list price of $228 / £199, and the H9 cost $298 / £269.

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