Black Lion Audio British-style B173 mkII and American-style B12A mkII Preamps available to Pre-Order

The British manufacturer Black Lion Audio is starting the October month with the announcement of two redesigned preamps in 9.5″/ 1U design. The Black Lion Audio B173 mkII delivers the British sound and is based on the legendary Neve 1073 channel. Who If you prefer the American sound, the Black Lion Audio B12A mkIII, which is based on the API 312A microphone pre amp, is the right tool.

Black Lion Audio preamps

The Black Lion Audio B173 mkII uses the same Cinemag input and output transformers as the B173 quad mic preamplifier from the same house. It delivers a full gain of up to 70 dB with lower background noise at the same time. In terms of sound, the Hi-Z IN (high-impedance input) positioned on the front ensures a harmonically rich tone for guitars, keyboards, and synthesizers, while GAIN and OUTPUT LEVEL in 1073-style allow control of the transformer saturation. 48V phantom power, phase reversal regulators, and self-explanatory XLR IN (input) and TRS OUT (output) connections complete the range.

The Black Lion Audio B12A mkIII represents the American 312A sound and uses the same Cinemag input and output transformers as the B12A quad pre amp. It also offers a full gain of up to 70 dB – just like the B173 mkII. Similarly, the front-facing Hi-Z IN input gives guitars, keyboards, and synthesizers a harmonious sound, while the 312A-style GAIN control allows precise adjustment of the gain used. On the front, there is also a 48V phantom power and phase reversal control, as well as an 18 dB PAD. The XLR IN and TRS OUT connectors on the back of the B12A mkIII correspond to those of the B173 mkII.

Black Lion Audio Preamps price and availability

Black Lion Audio B173 mkII is now available to pre-order on the for $449. 

Black Lion Audio B12A mkIII has been priced at $399 and it is also available to pre-order on the website.

Earlier this year, Black Lion Audio has introduced the Bluey Compressor FET Limiting Amplifier takes on the so-called Golden Unit by Chris Lord-Alge. This compressor is a special modification of 1176. At some point, fitting spare parts were missing, and since then the mixing expert has used this one.

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