Beyerdynamic Blue BYRD Review: Good Sound, High Price

Blue BYRD is a wireless Bluetooth headphones version of the Soul BYRD in-ear headphones that also comes from Beyerdynamic, which was introduced for its comfortable wearing and extremely lightweight. Blue BYRD, therefore, has a higher price than Soul BYRD, but not that much.

Blue BYRD is suitable for those who like wireless headphones, want good sound, stable connection quality and fear of falling, which is mostly in truly wireless headphones. Not to mention that good true wireless earbuds have a high price, not everyone can reach them. The Beyerdynamic headphones are not too fashionable, but sleek, small in size, absolutely does not protrude too much when worn.


The material of the housing and wire is pretty good, thick and firm. The earpiece back is pressed flat with electrostatic aluminum material, the nozzle has an angled design for a stronger grip. The Bluetooth headphones come with silicone ear tips for high comfort. In general, Blue BYRD is as comfortable to wear as Soul BYRD.

The Beyerdynamic headphones have a neckband design with a small and light extension cord, balanced by two counterbalances on both sides (probably the battery inside). This type of design sometimes causes the wire to deviate to the right because there is an additional control button and USB-C charging pin on the right, especially when we turn the head back and forth quickly. The in-line remote control is a bit difficult to use and easy to cause confusion between the keys, but long-term use will probably get used.


The Beyerdynamic Blue BYRD features Bluetooth 4.2 connectivity and allows connecting to two devices at the same time, supporting codecs including AAC, aptX and aptX-LL. The connection distance is about 10m, generally nothing too prominent.


In terms of battery life, the in-ear headphones can last for about 6 hours, which is much worse than the current true wireless earbuds or Bluetooth headphones today. Blue BYRD charges via USB-C but does not support fast charging.


In return for the minus point in terms of battery life as well as the loss of tape of weight on both sides of the wire, this Blue BYRD has a very good sound quality. The sound is smooth, deep and light. Mid tones tend to be warm, flattering, listening to lyrical music, Country music, Jazz is easy to hear. Clear and detailed sound. Treble is energetic, up high, not too airy, the way Blue BYRD represents the space as a cozy small room about 15-20m2. Bass harmonizes in quality and quantity in sub-bass and upper-bass, does not encroach, do not chime, not slimy.


  • Good Sound
  • aptX Low Latency, zero lag during videos, playing games


  • Battery life
  • Not affordable, priced at $145 (LINK)
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